A new question & answer website that pays you to ask or answer questions.

How can I practice Yoga at home?

What are the first signs Of Diabetes?

Questions like these makeup for the new, a start-up question and answer website released on 1st May 2021 to global Internet users allowing anyone to earn an income when they ask questions or answer questions posted by other users. The website claims to pay $0.20 for each question and $0.30 multiplied by all the answers a question gets to any answer that is voted the best answer within 30 days of the question going live.

Speaking to correspondents at a pre-launch press conference in Dubai, the technical director Mr. Ryan Joseph said, “Our idea is simple, we have simply commercialized everyday questions and answers, making sure to distribute the revenue evenly among the users, creating for the first time a self-sustaining social media that rewards it’s users and not the corporate body that founded it. Nifty Crack is an experiment but we are sure it will catch on”.

Users on the platform can ask any question which can be categorized into any of the fourteen categories which includes Business, Relationships, Life and COVID-19 among others. Questions are posted freely after review and anyone who has an account can answer each question and get best answer votes. will be one of the contenders for a social media platform that adequately compensates it users and not the corporate institution(s) that founded it. will not be the pioneer of questions and answer website as other more popular websites like, among others still take the lead for more than 95% daily internet traffic for consumers of questions & answers services.

“Upvotes are the primary revenue generation model of Anyone can upvote a single answer in a question. The question that have the highest upvote within 30 days of the question going live, earns $0.30 multiplied by all the answers the question gets. On average a good question can get up to 5,000 answers which brings a one-time revenue of $1,500 to the highest voted answer. We designed this model to ensure that people make real revenue from providing content on the internet” says Inna Ilyushenko, the vice president of sales & marketing.

To learn more about Nifty Crack or to also join in the new attempt to compensate social media users with real cash, you can head over to: .

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