Pet ID Global LLC Launches the Smart ID Tag 

(September 01, 2021) – Pet ID Global LLC showcases the latest in today’s pet technology. With a quick scan of the displayed QR Code on the pet’s tag, a profile of that pet can be immediately viewed, providing pet safety, instant owner contact, shot records and other vital information.

With Pet ID Global, aka “home of the high tech pet”, pet owners can enjoy more comfortable visits to any veterinarians office. Thanks to this cloud based profile and program, all certificates and records can be directly uploaded to the pet’s profile. These QR Code stickers are also permanently marked and water-resistant.

“These QR Coded stickers are small enough to place on your pet’s current ID tag or collar. Each order comes with 20 stickers, and people absolutely love them! Vaccination reports, veterinarian information, owners contact can all be immediately viewed” says David McDonald owner of Pet ID Global. “We have found in past that people and even animal control officers are willing to call the owner if this contact information is readily available. Not only are we “home of the high tech pet, but we also kiddingly dub ourselves as “home of the high tech owner”.

While traveling, pet owners can breathe easy. Each profile can be connected to up to five phone numbers and three addresses for friends and family. Clicking on a phone number in the profile will automatically call that number.

“It’s fast, easy and only costs $9.95 per year. Once your account is created, you’ll have instant access to your pet’s dashboard, a unique QR code is generated specifically for your pet, and QR Smart ID card, and tag stickers that can be scanned at anytime, anywhere around the world. Within a few days via USPS, you’ll receive your 20 special permanently marked waterproof stickers in the mail”.

Pet ID Global is a US-based company and provides the fastest pet identification system in the world. Its main aim is to create a quick way to unite the owner with their pet and to get them the help they need as soon as possible.

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