Peter Schieffelin Nyberg Discusses the Camino Health Center’s Recent Rebranding

The Camino Community Center is now known as the Camino Health Center. Peter Schieffelin Nyberg explains why.

Peter Schieffelin Nyberg

What goes into a name? When it comes to branding, hopefully, a lot of thought and purpose. These days, markets are crowded, people are busy, and so many things beg for our attention. Whether you’re running a nonprofit, business, or another organization, you need to take branding seriously. Peter Schieffelin Nyberg is going to discuss the Camino Health Center’s recent rebranding, so you see just how important branding is.

Up until recently, the center was known as the “Camino Community Center.” Now, it’s the Camino Health Center. So what’s with the change?

“First, I’d like to emphasize that ‘community’ remains just as important to us now as in the past,” Peter Schieffelin Nyberg points out. “That said, the best way we can provide for our community is to focus on health and helping people lead healthy lives.”

Changing the brand from Camino Community Center to Camino Health Center may not seem like a major move. However, names leave an impression. They also signify what your organization is about.

The Camino Health Center remains just as dedicated to helping the greater Charlotte, NC community now as in the past. Yet by emphasizing “health” the organization can better explain how it helps people.

Health itself is a broad term, and for the staff, leaders, volunteers, and other stakeholders at the Camino Health Center, advocating for wellness is a huge component of promoting good health. The organization continues to expand and strengthen its primary care health clinic, and also remains committed to approaching health holistically.

“We know that nutrition is an important component of health, so we’ll continue to offer a food pantry,” Peter Schieffelin Nyberg says. “We’ll also continue to run our thrift store so people can access resources. And our behavioral and wellness programs will remain an important component of our approach to health care.”

Peter Schieffelin Nyberg Explains Why Values Are So Important For a Brand

Peter Schieffelin Nyberg1

A brand is no mere one-off message. Instead, it’s how you present your organization, products, services, and other things to society. There’s perhaps no greater way to present yourself to the community than through your branding and key assets, like your name. Still, brands need to be backed up with action.

“For us, rebranding isn’t about changing the name so much as it’s about reaffirming our commitments and honing our focus,” Peter Schieffelin Nyberg explains. “As a health center, and one that uses a holistic approach, we put our ideas into action. We strive day in and day out to improve people’s wellness and health.”

When considering your brand, starting with your values and your mission is a great place to start. By aligning your brand, you can increase authenticity while making what you stand for clear.

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