Pinku Ranpura, Former CEO of Studio45, Shares Office Reopening Experience


The year 2020 & the first half of 2021 was full of difficulties for companies globally. Studio45, the Best Seo company in India, has surpassed the challenging period of lockdown. The covid-19 condition has affected almost all the sectors, including IT firms, eCommerce business, the construction industry, and many others.

Many organisations had quitted their businesses due to a shortage of income which showcases economical graphs on a global level.

A former CEO of Studio45 – Pinku Ranpura, had not to back off and kept the firm working as one of the best SEO agency in India.

The WORK-FROM-HOME phase was challenging for employees and companies. Working round the clock, handling work and other responsibilities simultaneously, completing work before due time, maintaining productivity, increasing work efficiency, communicating with the staff, and keeping track of the work, were literally trouble for the employees and the company.

During the tough time, the owner of the Best Seo company in Ahmedabad, Pinku Ranpura had allowed employees to work remotely and in flexible timing. He never failed to take daily, monthly, and individually updates about the employees to track the process in different projects. He had also scheduled timely meetings through ZOOM or Google Meet so that employees can work in synchronisation.

He believed, with the quick approach, a little flexibility, and micro-management, it could become easy to survive in the difficult business condition.

Studio45, a Seo agency In India, has now started catering to clients from the office instead of WFH. Employees arrive to the city from their town after a long time.

Pinku Ranpura, one of the top-notch entrepreneurs that run Seo company in India, shared his experience post-WFH,

After a long period of working-from-home, it’s time to resume our work with the same spirit from office. The time of 11 to 12 months for reporting, working, and updating projects from home was not less time. It’s been a year, and undoubtedly, it would become quite difficult for you all to settle down in an office environment. The company ensure to follow safety measures, government guidelines, and social distancing rules to keep notes on employees’ health. WFH has its pros and cons that we all have experienced. Let us all be back with a high spirit to work dedicatedly from the office, again. Thank you for your support during a tough time. Let’s chase the targets again!”

Many businesses got scattered during the time, and Studio45 has supported a myriad of businesses including construction, lawyer, dentist, orthopaedic, fitness centre, and many more all around the world, with social media marketing, website design, development, search engine optimisation, and a full-fledged digital marketing services.

With 10+ years of expertise in digital marketing & IT services, Studio45 leave no chances of disappointment. Contact us via for more information.