Positive Singles Launches Covid 19 Vaccine Feature To Promote Dating

Positive Singles, one of the top online dating portals has recently launched a new feature on their website. The site now has an option for Covid 19 vaccine status that allows members to choose to date as per vaccination status. 

Dated June 12th, 2021: Positive Singles happens to be one of the leading online dating sites, especially for people who happen to be suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. One of the reasons why this site is so popular has to be the fact that they are constantly looking to innovate and integrate new features from time to time.

Recently, they have announced a new feature as the site has options for adding Covid 19 vaccine status. Members can choose from options like

  • Fully vaccinated
  • Waiting on an additional dose
  • Planning to get vaccinated
  • Not getting vaccinated
  • Prefer not to say

This is a great way to offer an incentive to the different members to get vaccinated as a lot of people would prefer to choose such members who are already vaccinated and hence have minimal risk of being infected. A lot of members have already expressed their desire to choose filters based on vaccination status to find people they would like to date.

A lot of dating apps have chosen to offer this additional feature as it is a great way to offer the right incentive to people to get vaccinated. In the current times of global pandemic, everyone must do their bit for the sake of battling against this massive problem.

Suny Zhang, the supervisor of the site was quoted as saying, “At Positive Singles, we are aware of the need to be vaccinated and how it can hold the key to driving away this global pandemic. So, we decided to do our bit by integrating the vaccination status feature on our website. We are quite optimistic that more and more members will choose to get vaccinated to maximize their chance of seeking the right date.”

The site always makes it a point to integrate amazing and new features to ensure that the members have something new to look forward to. Those who would like to explore the details and find out what this site has to offer and the kind of potential it has should make it a point to visit www.positivesingles.com

About Positive Singles

Positive Singles is one of the top online dating sites for those who are suffering from different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. The site has several success stories as it has managed to help people find the right date.

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Website: https://www.positivesingles.com/

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