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Plan post pandemics living now on recorded, no obligation zoominar. Attend by reading article 315 on and texting 3-line bio only maximum, to (936)718-2747.

The 48 nanometers, plant molecule can’t be compared to any food, supplement, or drug.

It’s the only molecular compound balancing all 48 nuclear receptors in the nucleus of all cells of all life kingdoms and activates the best genetic potential of people, animals, plants, and biota, always favoring non-predatory agents, regardless of mutations and environmental pathogens.

A femto particle a trillion trillion times more effective than nanoparticles works subatomicly. Pico items,1000 times smaller than nano are on the market. Pfizer makes a drug version lipid for stem cells for youngevity; 3 people in the world know where they stemmed from. Masks and vax are exponentially mandated; wear the nano best and pass the nano immune nutraceutical test. Priority post pandemics pillars nano ceutical, nano masks, nano septic surface tech and DVM oils stopping Covid in 3 seconds in a level 3 lab. has the new diagnosis standard for all health assessments. ‘s nonprofit nano med, mask and more brings post pandemics affordability, mirroring the nano food med. Their 106,000 nanofibers in a mask equals a hair’s width.

PKN95,’s electro spun non weave mask is 6 times more breathable than N95.,, nano air, and are nano milestone, post pandemics options like, 53 million mask donation,1 million which could protect Iowa. Zioshield, is 100 washables. brings electro spin for modular scale up nano safe America. has fifteen miles of bamboo nanofiber per mask with 20% referral fee.

Utah University verifies the nano resonant lipid molecule is 4,000 times the effectiveness of remdesivir, 6000 that of hydroxychloroquine, has no side effects, no toxicity at suggested dosages and doesn’t contradict any pharmaceutical. It may enhance any prescription, is affordable, easily storable and mass market ready anywhere. Vitamin D regulates 2000 genes. Most Covid patients are deficient. 85% of Americans are deficient. Vitamin D deficient males are, twice as prone to heart attacks. left nano for Pico scale and maybe the most effective way all cell immune youngevity. If you won’t unlearn, you don’t learn. Will Pico replace virus civilizations for .003 cebra? seeks distributors and licenses to large companies. Carbions never failed mitigating any virus or pathogen in people, plants, animals. Covid over 6 hours, crops tripled, trees grown double fast, 100 Morgellons cases solved.

The new supercharged 93% carbon, from plants formula; has 5 sextillions super anti-viral atoms of nature’s alpha omega life quality for your best living experience and climate. Halo mask has fifteen miles of the nanofiber.3 Pico atoms will make a wall around America,1.35 miles high The ant has a real, nano CPU. 10 times smaller and 100 times more powerful than any before it.

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Inquiries, text only (936)718-2747 with a three-line max bio in order to get a reply., a 25/03 post pandemic science panel., article 315. Advocates may have press release services, gratis.


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