Post Pandemics Inauguration Option

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Covid ended in 3 days for 30 in Kasturba hospital in India’s 4th largest city. See details and 30 studies including Ebola in Fort Detrick, level 4 lab at, in article 315, 316, paragraph five.

The 48 nanometer, organic lipid molecule,1/2 the Covid virus size is generally regarded as safe by the FDA.

The ant is carrying a nano cpu.

500 got over Covid in 6 hours with 9 drops of 300 picometer sized carbon atoms in water, FDA rated as food.

1 Pico is 1 millionth of 1 nanometer. Each atom has 2 -16 life charged Femto sized electrons. 1 Femto, 1 trillionth of 1 trillionth of 1 nanometer is that many more times life effective self directive. 100 trillion virus bacteria are 90% of your 1.6 quadrillion cells. Housing 6 generations, 120 years of friendly and non-microbes seeking immunity longevity balance.

Universities saw crops increase 3-5 times with the same solution at greater dilution., 5000 foot radius, normalizes emf climate, cells, water, soil, integrity.

Pakistan will plant 10 billion trees. New carbon may recover 50 billion in crop loss, reinventing and Indigoag. has fifteen miles of 95% recycle bamboo nanofiber. 129 billion masks, 65 billion gloves are used monthly. allows communities to make their own recyclable masks. Nano recyclables are the future. The sono mask Sound imparts zinc nano in the fiber. Transforming clothing, carpets, and textiles in public space. Atoms are 52 -520 picometers., stops  pollutant bearing viruses.

Pico tech is a subatomic enhancement of a plant derived carbon. Production trials are in thirty countries; officially approved in nineteen. Nano is the molecular level. Subatomic carbon is beyond any invader. One drop has five sextillion. One ounce has 353 drops.

85% of food is carbon; you’re 85% carbon minus water. Adding two electrons updates the 6,6,6 carbon atom, disassembling any harmful virus. The Pico particle is 100 nanometers. This is 1000 times smaller than 1 nanometer. The Femto tech electron addition is 1,000000 smaller than nanotech, with ten to eighteen more electrons.

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