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Message of the President of the Board of Directors U.S MCC

Doug Mayorga

[email protected]noritychamber.net

Grand Opening: November 5th, 2020 @ 7:00 PM

The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce (U.S. MCC)  celebrated the opening of its new 15,000 square-foot headquarters, named “The Economic Corridor of the Americas,” last November 5th.

The new U.S. MCC headquarters at 1111 Brickell Floor 10 in Miami will be the World Trade Center by the Chamber to its  the International Visitor and Call Center design to facility information about business opportunities. The exclusive location is no open to the public, is located in an ideation zones (The Financial District of Brickell), containing huddle rooms for conferences, physical-virtual assistance, a podcast-tv  studio to keep inform to millions of business in the Americas will have a video conference suites for networking, closing deals and collaborations with our elite platform.

The Economic Corridor of the Americas, is created by the America Initiative Programs, and It will host the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce Foundation a 501 c3 an Innovation Learning Center, a high tech room that will allow for unique learning programs virtually  in collaboration with partners in America and Israel -colleges and universities to serve thousand of potential digital entrepreneurs.

The Economic Corridor of the Americas, is created to serve and assist with the best in all details to our members and partners for a better development in trade, contracts, investment , philanthropic secure,  and a solid digital VOIP call center with operators 12 hours M-F.

Our commitment is how to elevate active companies, start-ups, exporters, industrial, retails, hospitality with resources typically not accessible in the market. This World Trade by the Chamber is not just the first of its kind in the United States, it may be one of the first in the entire region of the Americas, and we’re really proud to share it with all our current and future members.

I remember twenty years ago, a group of minority small business leaders decided they wanted more for their community, expansive and demographic. We got together and talked about creating a chamber of commerce dedicate to make a different in compares with  hundreds of  social chambers, and by inspiration we organized the Chamber with a vision: Globally.  We are in the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, the perfect HUB to gain access with intelligent strategies to the region.

The New HQ that will be the gold standard for international  economic development organizations in the nation, a chamber that is on the very cutting-edge of what supporting entrepreneur with trade, investment and cooperation programs.

Thank you for all our members and partners, supporters of this initiative: The Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Patrick Cordero PA, Google, Industries, Walmart, Danosa Caribbean, Hotel Marriott, Target, Procter & Gamble, Office Max, the State of Florida, among other dozens of organizations leaders in our nation. The headquarters  will serve as a place to host Elite leaders, public officials , policy-makers, and business owners from around the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

See you in our center!

1111 Brickell Floor 10, Miami, Florida 33131

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