Rackley Roofing Celebrates National Women In Construction Week

Nashville, Tennessee, March 10, 2021 – The National Association Of Women In Construction has put on National Women in Construction week and Rackley Roofing is proud to participate. Rackley Roofing has helped open doors for numerous women in the roofing industry. 

Angela Johnson, a service foreman at Rackley Roofing, is currently the only woman out in the field at Rackley. She loves her job and says, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like it.” She’s blazing the trail for other women to follow in her footsteps.

There are countless opportunities for women in the construction industry. Brittany Wimbish, the Title Operations and Administrations Manager at Field Roof Service says, “The work I do is fun, challenging, and driving. There are a lot of opportunities to pivot and move into different sectors. So many companies are coming up with new technologies. The opportunities are really endless.” Brittany helps bring change to the roofing industry by being a woman in construction. She’s present, attends events, volunteers for positions, and looks for networking opportunities. She says, “Putting myself out there creates change for the industry in the long run. It creates more opportunities for other women. Getting to know me will help them be more confident to make the first step.”

Lee Lipniskis, Associate Consultant at Cotney Attorneys and Consultants, has always loved construction. When she was a kid, she would ask for design software to build homes instead of other toys. She says, “It’s incredible to be a person in the construction industry. We’re an essential service and almost recession-proof.” She believes some aspects of the roofing industry are quick to evolve, like technology, while others are slow to change. “National Women in Roofing is doing a tremendous job at changing the industry. With a new role, you can have a bigger impact with people in the industry regardless of gender.” She also says, “A rising tide lifts all boats. In my new position, I’m like the tide. I’ll help the industry I love change for the better.”

Taylor Smoak, an Office Specialist and Manager in training at JDH Company, says, “It’s a positive, not a negative, to be a woman in construction. I grew up in the roofing industry and can’t imagine being anywhere else.” To her, the challenges she faces makes it even more intriguing. One of the most important things she says to other women wanting to work in the construction industry is, “Don’t be mute in a male-dominated industry. Take the challenge and thrive with it.” 

Women have been breaking down barriers in the construction industry for years now. They’re constantly showing the world women can do the same work men can do. As Jennifer Keegan, Director of Building and Roofing Sciences at GAF, says, “Most men don’t experience the construction industry how women do. They don’t see it through the same lens as we do. They must be inspired to be an upstander instead of a bystander.” 


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