Ronnie Flynn established offices around the world. Here’s why

Office space shapes company culture

The space that contains your business shapes company culture. The culture within companies is something that’s very hard to define, and even harder to voluntarily shape. In Vuuzle Media Corp, Ronnie Flynn sees to it that offices will always be balanced with music and laughter, because bright ideas come from burning passion.

Here’s a letter of the founder, where Ronnie Flynn explains the culture within Vuuzle team members.

Aside from establishing a uniform culture, incorporating the differences and gaps within different countries is not easy. The time zone– the perspectives, aren’t easy to coincide with each other. However, because Vuuzle Media Corp maintain a unified culture, all the teams are able to pull it off and top expectations.


How cultural diversity sustained Vuuzle Media Corp’s success

Your office shapes your communication

Nothing discourages employees more than feeling like they’re being lied to or kept out of important business discussions. Owners and managers should communicate consistently and constantly about important changes in the company or work structure. This will help employees feel secure in their positions and keep them committed to the company and their jobs.

Founder Ronnie Flynn always sees to it that transparency should be a virtue within the company. Disputes must be settled within teams, and the assurance of having to solve these together is always there. Unlike having online or different spaces, Vuuzle Media Corp teams settle disputes a few steps away. Also, communicating personally will always be better than chats, or emails.

It can motivate collaboration and innovation

Ronnie Flynn believes that innovation and collaboration are the lifeblood of the business, should be in an open office environment.

Vuuzle Media Corp understands innovation and never believed the subscription model for television would work. The company aimed for free TV over ad tech which they readily put into work to create an award-winning platform. VMC has built something nobody else has in the world. They have an OTT platform like no other streaming platform. The company also produces TV in their own studios.

Moreover, VMC also produces motion pictures and creates unique daily and weekly programming. Vuuzle TV stands out from all of the streaming companies of the world.

Office spaces can impact efficiency

Because of indiviual top-caliber equipments each employee has been issued, efficiency went to its peak.

Vuuzle empowers content partners to go live and direct to ad break seamlessly. With Vuuzle’s new enhancements through Verizon Media Platform, they’re paving the way for content partners to self-manage and schedule content. As a result, earlier this year, VMC just won Verizon Media’s 3rd annual brand-blazer award for innovation.

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Another milestone of VMC happened when Vuuzle Studios Dubai held its grand launch and premiered to kick off the media industry. The studios went beyond normal standards. It merged productivity, innovation, and comfort, into one and became a masterpiece itself.

To have quick look at Vuuzle Studios, click HERE

To have a virtual tour at Vuuzle Studios, watch the video below

Welcome to Vuuzle’s office spaces around the world!

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Written by Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer and Public Relations Specialist

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