Seeking justice for Hamzeh Abu Shariah against the unjust system

Seeking justice for an innocent person under house arrest with false charges while the culprits roam free

Arlington, Virginia (August 15, 2021) – Saddam Abu Shariah wants to point out a flaw in the justice system that has placed an innocent Jordanian American shop employee under house arrest. The arrest happened after 3 armed robbers broke into the smoke shop in Arlington owned by Mr. Jowan Zuber. While sleeping in his room, his store employee Hamzeh Abu Shariah heard footsteps that indicated that the store had been broken into. He reached for the store pistol and fired a warning shot on an assaulting culprit who jumped as soon as he opened the bedroom door, wounding him. He then closed the door and called the police, telling them of the situation. The burglars were still in the store, for which Hamzeh fired two more warning shots. The police arrived 15 minutes later, unmasked the wounded assailant, and after a thorough search, declared that Hamzeh used the weapon carelessly when he could have run out of the back door and pressed false charges against him.

Hamzeh Abu Shariah is an employee of the smoke store owned by Mr. Jowan Zuber, situated in Arlington, Virginia. Since this incident, the family of the accused has been under tremendous stress. The accused is not allowed to go outside of the boundary and has GPS monitoring which he has to pay by his pocket ($350 every month and $800 for child support) that has become an extreme financial burden on him. He cannot take his child to a park due to house arrest while the real culprit has been cleared of all charges. This has been seriously sad for the local community about the justice system that has sided with criminals.  The central points of this case are:

  • Hamzeh used the store pistol and fired warning shots in self-defense as the country’s justice system allows. However, he wounded one of the assailants when he assaulted him first and fired the next warning shots out of fear for his life. The burglars were armed and prepared with all the necessary equipment to break in and rob the store.
  • One of the robbers dragged the wounded assailant outside as the police arrived and unmasked the wounded on the spot. However, the prosecutor helped clear him of all the charges while the man who defended himself against an armed assailant is put under house arrest.
  • The robber is now running freely and posting videos of him smoking joints on social media and celebrating his freedom. This is a serious blow on the justice system that has portrayed an idea for juveniles that you can rob any store you want, and the prosecutor will be here to clear you and put hardworking people under arrest.
  • The Commonwealth officials at Arlington Judicial Center have reversed the right to protect oneself to make this case against Hamzeh. It has portrayed racial and religious discrimination for a person of Middle Eastern ethnicity and automatically declared them criminal.
  • All the documents have proven that no one of the officers, attorneys, or judges has any Congressional authority to hold him or even talk to him. His documents have caused a major uproar in the court system because these officials are operating outside of their oaths of office and have become a law unto themselves. All the notices that have been filed have gone unanswered, and these officials are in default for fraud and misuse of the Judicial system.

“I am deeply saddened by the injustice shown by the Arlington judicial system against a person who acted in self-defense against armed robbery,” said Mr. Jowen Zuber, owner of Arlington Smoke Shop. “I can’t believe that the prosecutor is protecting the criminals in this case. If these burglars would have broken into their house, they will be serving 10 years in prison right now. Poor Hamzeh has to pay for the GPS out of his pocket while the criminal is smoking joint and celebrating on Snapchat. We have a court-appointed lawyer, but we definitely need help in the case as this is injustice, really.”

Me. Saddam Abu Shariah is the relative of the accused Hamzeh Abu Shariah and the contact person in this case. He and Mr. Zuber have been under constant pressure and are really looking forward towards the media and justice system to look deep into the case and help the innocent man. We would request you to please spread this news and help Hamzeh as much as you can.