Study: Sales Organizations Using Adwerx See 15% Lift in Sales Producer Productivity

DALLAS, Texas & Durham, N.C., June 29, 2021 — In a newly released study from HW Media, a leading news source for the housing market, real estate, mortgage and fintech trends, data reveals that there is a direct correlation between producer productivity and producers advertising to targeted audiences in order to stay top of mind. The study found that the use of Custom Audience advertising through Adwerx was statistically correlated with a 15% increase in producer productivity, highlighting a valuable opportunity for enterprises to provide a proven marketing edge for their producers to engage with their network of clients and prospects to win more business.

The data looked at over 43,000 salespeople from various companies and geographic regions and compared the productivity of those who used Adwerx Custom Audience advertising to those who did not. The results were analyzed over a three-year period and were statistically significant.

“Based on our analysis of their performance, Adwerx’s Custom Audience solution is effective in helping salespeople grow their businesses,” said Mark Adams, Director of Real Estate at HW Media. “An improved performance of over fifteen percent certainly indicates that Adwerx plays a critical role in sales outcomes for producers who invest in marketing to their CRMs.”

Adwerx has been trusted to power automated, localized, and personalized digital display advertising for “relationship sales” industries since 2013. The company defines relationship sales as any business that drives revenue through the services they offer their clients. Consumers who seek services from relationship sales industries, such as real estate, mortgage, insurance, and financial services, don’t form relationships with the companies directly. Rather, the consumer works with the company’s employees. 

“Staying top of mind with prospects during the sales cycle is critical to success, and here is yet another study that proves that,” said Adwerx CEO, Jed Carlson. “The Adwerx platform automatically makes personalized ads for every producer in the organization, and then keeps those ads in front of the producer’s specific list of prospects wherever they go on the internet – keeping the producer top of mind throughout the sales process. This type of passive “nudging” supports the outreach being done by email or phone and increases the probability of success for booking a meeting, showing for a meeting, and closing a deal. It’s not a replacement for your other sales activities, it just makes them all more effective.”

Adwerx has experienced tremendous growth since implementing its Automation Platform in late 2017 with over 200 enterprises and 250,000 producers receiving automated digital advertising. To learn more about Adwerx visit

To view the results of HW Media’s study, visit

About HW Media

HW Media is the leading digital community for real estate, financial services, and fintech professionals to engage, connect, and gain knowledge. Founded in 2016 through the acquisition of HousingWire, HW Media is based in Dallas, TX with team members across the country. 

HW Media is the publisher of HousingWire, FinLedger, and REAL Trends. Built on a foundation of independent and original journalism, HW Media reaches over 100,000 newsletter subscribers daily and over 1.0 million unique visitors each month. Our audience of mortgage, real estate, and fintech professionals rely on us to Move Markets Forward. 

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About Adwerx

Adwerx delivers Advertising Automation as a Service for over 200 enterprises and over 250,000 individual customers. Always at the forefront of digital advertising best practices, Adwerx specializes in providing personalized advertising at scale for distributed sales teams across real estate, mortgage, wealth management, financial services, and beyond. Their ad templates are created using their unique FaceForwardTM advertising methodology, an approach to advertising that puts the company’s local salesperson on every ad, and is based on the psychological principles of trust and empathy that drive consumer behavior.

Using Adwerx, customers deliver these customized ads programmatically across streaming TV, popular websites, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile apps, while driving growth through digital advertising automation that increases brand visibility, boosts productivity by 15%, and reduces turnover by 42%. Learn more at

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