Thank you for all participants and partners at the XIV Small-Medium Businesses Global Summit Dominican Republic 2015.

Thank you to the Dominican Republic Government, the Cyber Park institution and Aerodom( Santo Domingo International Airport) for sponsoring the XIV Small-Medium Business Global Summit in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republican. In particular, I’d like to pay tribute to Ricardo Faerman, President of CEO Miami and International, and Mr. Gerardo Aranda, Director for Latin America of Gallup, who’s been a tireless champion of small business direction, indefatigable, I would say. In attachment you can find our special report for more information.


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And Dominican Republic is a huge market. Over 2000 U.S small businesses and large corporations are currently engaged directly in business in DR. Another 5,000 are trading with DR through CAFTA (Free Trade Agreement). And another 1,000 have a physical presence in DR. I  expect that number to double in the years ahead with Minority Chamber of Commerce Global Center coming up this January 12, 2016 in Santo Domingo, DR. As a result of our Free Trade Agreements, I expect that to increase tenfold or more business tie between U.S Companies and counterpart in the country. And when you consider the huge markets that DR and the Caribbean represent, you realize that we have only touched the sides of the iceberg of opportunity for small business and large corporations. Dominican Republic is the perfect place to invest and relocate business, this is the moment.

Our world is changing. We know that the population of the Caribbean and Latin America is ageing considerably. We know that economic and trade activity is shifting globally quickly. Innovation now occurs in the matter of weeks, not years. Arguably, over time, innovation will happen within days. Small and large corporations are multinational, and capital is more mobile than ever. Consumers are better informed and more empowered than ever before. We are living in a new era of frenetic global disruption. And the history continue: The X Women Entrepreneurship World Summit 2016 next March 24-26, 2015 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Thank you for the opportunity,