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Criminal films are a very popular and most sought genre in the film industry. Of course, modern viewers love to feel the sharpest feelings that cause the chase and the search for evidence and criminals.

Watching such films of the crime genre gives the viewer adrenaline and excitement, which is not always enough in everyday life. That is why when you want to get a boost of energy, psychologists recommend watching such movies.

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Here is a selection of the best crime movies that you can watch for FREE on Vuuzle.TV!

crime movies, Vuuzle.TV


On the run after committing a horrific crime, newlywed couple Remy and Salem find themselves trapped in a mysterious house as a terrifying darkness closes in on them.

crime movies, Vuuzle.TV


Two successful families are brought together through the marriage of Jack and Olivia. The happy couple move from London to Sorrento, they begin a picturesque new life together. But the paradise falls apart, and their quest to get redemption begins.

crime movies, Vuuzle.TV


Paul hasn’t connected with his girl for 10 years. But when her world is destroyed by an heinous act, he has to decide what’s more important: doing the right thing or setting things right? SD-Shock Cinema says “One of the best films I’ve seen this year.”

crime movies, Vuuzle.TV


Nick Romano must navigate through murder, violence, and betrayal in order to maintain his place as the top mobster in Miami.


Ghetto Blues is about the story of a deadly love triangle between the repentant impish Paul, the deadly docile Okwe, and the treacherous rapist, Peter.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist