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Supernatural immunity science includes all people, animals, plants, beneficial soil, and water biota.

The mighty, yet tiny, nano manna bottle lasts 30 days.

On 2/23 we’ll know; if a hyper infusion of this plant molecule, made in an FDA approved, Swiss lab; maybe exponentially, new and improved; announced on an invitation-only weekly Zoom call at 9 pm, Est, with Global attendees on a recorded call. The top D.V.M. in America, Evacuates the nano molecules based on University of VA studies the new super life science orbits around the nano molecules.

The super life science orbits around a nano organic plant; post pandemics science with 30 patents in 85 % of the world and a sublingual spray, and 3 products are generally regarded as safe by the FDA. 

COVID-19 was over for 30 hospital patients, many over 50, in just 3 days, after a 15-year quest by a Ph.D. organic chemist who has 30 patents in 85% of the world. The FDA, chief ingredient, is an organic, plant-derived nano molecule, unlike any superfood in ever in a 3-ounce bottle, it’s safe to use with any medication, for any person of any age or condition.

There are 34 million nano patents and nano-articles, in small print. Richard Feynman predicted nano in 1959; Eric Drexler developed it in 1979. Got speed mass education, adoption, is the only option, for this formula to make a difference, in the short time we have — at scale and affordable price, and viral distribution, for which it was designed by nature.

All antivirus, antibodies, which each person can have up to 1 trillion variations of, address any inner or outer, environmental immune challenges. Nanotech is the most innovative field of the 21st century. Nano mask (NM) from Mark Harrison, a Texas’s MD, is proven to kill 99% of the viruses on contact self-cleaning, remaining for 30 days.

February 15 the great lake’s variation invitation is the world’s first immunity community innovation by licensed health professionals. All food needs sun, water, and oxygen. Food RNA & DNA feeds in human RNA & DNA; our 48-nanometer molecule is 1/2 of the size of the Covid virus, it’s the only compound on earth that activates and balances the 48 nuclear receptors, in the nucleus of each one of your 1.6 quadrillions cells, optimizing the entire human genome.

The inverter is an insider icon on a thousand medical sciences on 3 continents. Studies verify that our nano molecule recycles oxidized vitamin C. Mammals other than people, resist cancer since they haven’t lost the genetic ability to make vitamin C. Studies document our molecule allows people to naturally make up to 10 grams of vitamin C daily within their body and a significant amount of vitamin D. Ten thousand bottles in the USA may multiply by 10 with new partners by 4th of March.


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