The N-Pentane Market to see innovation as a disruptive saviour in the next 10 years

The construction industry generates a huge demand for cement. The selection of cement is mainly dependent on efficiency and low cost. Cement grinding aids are used to improve the efficiency of cement production and reduce energy consumption. Cement grinding aids have been used for improving cement clinker grinding efficiency, power flowability, and strength development of binders.

Moreover, cement grinding aids have positive effects on the mechanical properties of cement, such as setting time, compressive strength, surface area, and mortar workability. Cement grinding aids are classified into three key types based on the feedstock, such as amine-based, alcohol-based and ether-based grinding aids.

The prime factor behind the usage of cement grinding aids is the elimination of the coating effect of clinker on grinding mill walls and to increase the production rate of cement keeping the surface area constant. Also, cement grinding aids are utilized to allow transportation in delivery trucks and storage in silos without lump formation.

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Companies: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP; Shell; ExxonMobil Chemical; TOP Solvent Co., Ltd.; Jun Yuan Petroleum Group; SOUTH HAMPTON RESOURCES; Aeropres Corporation; Diversified CPC International and LG Chem.

Coverage: All major geographies and key segments

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Segments: Type(Pentane 85/15,Pentane 60/40,Pentane 50/50,Pentane 20/80,Pentane 80/20,Pentane 70/30,Others); Application(Bowing Agent,Electronic Cleaning,Chemical solvent,Aerosol Propellant,Polymerization,Others)

Geographies: North America (U.S., Canada),Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru),Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, U.K, Spain, BENELUX, Nordic, Eastern Europe),CIS and Russia,Asia-Pacific (China, India, ASEAN, South Korea),Japan,Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, Israel)

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The global demand for chemical intermediates is expected to surge in the future due to their penetration in the electronics and chemicals markets.  Moreover, n-pentane is expected to witness a significant growth rate from the polymer industry at the regional level.

The market for polymer is estimated to grow owing to an increase in the production of polymer-based compounds, such as a polyester polyol, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc., which is expected to ultimately drive the global n-pentane market.

On the other hand, the restricted usage of ODS for solvent cleaning applications is leading to advancements in technology, which has led to the development of aqueous cleaning systems.

The material cost for this process is low as water is used in place of traditionally present solvents that are generally expensive. Low toxicity, non-flammable properties, low/non-VOC (volatile organic compound) content and low odour are some of the inherent advantages of aqueous cleaning solutions, which n-pentane does not possess. These factors are likely to hamper the growth of the n-pentane market.

However, the increasing interest of industry participants in the launching of new products or product development is expected provide growth opportunities for the manufacturers of n-pentane during the forecast period.

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