The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association Announces A Sponsorship From Private Equity Solutions

The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association is pleased to announce a sponsorship from Private Equity Solutions

Private Equity Solutions has recently launched the Panoramic Fund to assist investors take advantage of the laws that have made Puerto Rico the only place in the U.S where personal income from capital gains, interest, and dividends are not taxed.

 The Panoramic Fund which is based on real estate investments offers opportunities for those living in Puerto Rico and out of Puerto Rico. With Act 60 offering corporate tax rates of 4% to Puerto Rican companies exporting services to the rest of the US, the Panoramic Fund becomes a unique opportunity for many of those looking to reduce taxation. The Panoramic fund includes investments in new construction of single homes and multi-family, and build-to-rent and build-to-sell properties.

About Private Equity Solutions

A private placement managed Ferdinand Ruaño focuses on strategies such as tax liens, tax deeds, rehab, fix and flip and new construction for rent and sell. It has developed multifamily housing, condos and single-family new construction in Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Arizona, Ohio, Southwest Florida and Puerto Rico as part of the fund. Their experience covers over $100 million in real estate asset transactions. Currently, they have offices in Miami, Orlando, Puerto Rico and planning at the end of the year 2021 to expand with a new office in Southwest Florida.

 About Ferdinand Ruaño:

Ferdinand is a financier, entrepreneur, and fund manager with 38 years of experience. He has created, developed, and implement money management systems that have made a difference in the wealth and net worth of companies and individuals.

He has over 35 years in the investment world and raised capital for Nelson Mandela’s government back in the 90s, emerged in the 2008 crisis with Private Equity Solutions as a new fund based on the new idea of management and development of real estate.  He created a private placement that included strategies such as tax liens, tax deeds, rehab, construction, rent, and more. Ferdinand Ruaño who has managed through Private Equity Solutions over 100 million in the last 11 years and is now presenting a new opportunity for US investors through structures that allow to take advantage of the Puerto Rico laws with tax-exempt distributions.

He has worked on an international level with projects such as raising of capital for the political and economic infrastructure of the South African government after apartheid. In addition, he was one of the few traders that started with the ECU (the experimental currency of the euro before it began trading under such name). The Panoramic Fund is his latest creation and venture.

About The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association

The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association is a South Florida trade organization with a global reach. Our members are primarily domiciled in Florida, but hail from Eastern Europe, Ireland, England, Germany, South America, The Caribbean, Africa, and the rest of the United States.

Our members consist of active hedge fund managers/ professionals, ultra-high net worth investors, family offices, financial traders, investment bankers, academics, financial institutions, FOF’s, foundations, allocators, as well as service providers including third-party marketers, data providers, prime brokers, administrators, auditors, lawyers, risk managers, and fintech firms

Since launching in the autumn of 2013 with an original core of five members, the association has exponentially grown to over 3150 members consisting of the who’s who of Florida finance.  Provided the massive migration of funds and financial firms to Palm Beach and South Florida, we are realizing our goal of turning the region into a global financial hub.

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