The story of the WINNER on the streaming field! VUUZLE has already uploaded more than 6,000 videos via Verizon Media Platform’s slicebot

To date, Vuuzle Media Corp has uploaded more than 6,000 videos using Verizon Media Platform’s slicebot. Agree, is this really great news?

So, meet Vuuzle Media Corp – the winner of Streaming Innovation Verizon Media’s 3rd Annual Brandblazers Competition. And here’s what Prophecy Onasis, CTO Vuuzle.TV, says about it :

“Who the streaming leaders are? It is Verizon Media because they lay in a very powerful space in all of this.” 

At this year’s CES 2021, Vuuzle Media Corp received the prestigious “Brand Blazer 2021” award from Verizon Media in the “Streaming Innovation” category. This award is given by Verizon Media to demonstrate the best use of innovative technologies by companies.

It is worth noting that CES is the most influential technological event in the world – a testing ground for breakthrough technologies and world innovators. Here, the world’s largest brands meet new partners. And immediately in the field of view comes the streaming platform  Vuuzle.TV, which provides quality TV shows, movies, series and live broadcasts of users around the world. In particular, it offers content for more than 100 countries free of charge, using enterprise-level infrastructure and the next-generation OTT platform.

“Legacy platforms didn’t have the functionality we were looking for in one unified platform. We needed to manage live and VOD assets with ease and at scale from studios across the world. We’ve broadcast 100’s of live events to a worldwide audience, at super-fast speeds, and with minimal latency thanks to the power of VMP”, – Prophecy Onasis, CTO Vuuzle.TV. 

Vuuzle CTO Prophecy Onasis


Vuuzle Media Corp, without exaggeration, is now a leader in implementing innovations in streaming. After all, the Vuuzle streaming service provides real-time broadcast of events. The content is tailored to the individual tastes of each user, which means that viewers can enjoy interesting entertainment projects around the clock.

In the near future, Vuuzle Media Corp also plans to use the Verizon Media platform to move broadcast production to the cloud and decentralize the workflow in real-time. This will not only reduce costs but also open up new opportunities for manufacturers.

In conclusion, the Verizon platform has become an integral part of Vuuzle’s customer-driven workflow. Local producers can stream high-quality video channels via RTMP or other methods directly to the Verizon Media Platform – no matter where they are or even when managing ad placement locally.

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Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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