The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces its premier “U.S. Construction Summit Bogota 2021” showing the capacity of American companies in Colombia

  • The International Summit in Bogota reunites the Industry of the country.
  • The Summit will demonstrate the capacity of the U.S. companies to Shaping the Future
  • The Summit is the Construction’s premier Expo-focused education, conferences, and networking program, specifically designed for business owners and top-level managers

Bogota, Colombia. September 7, 2021. The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces it premier event in the construction sector that connects American companies with the counterparts in Colombia. The U.S. Construction Summit Bogota 2021 represents a powerful business-building opportunity for U.S. companies that want to reach the huge Colombian market. The Bogota Edition to be held next September 26-28, 2021 at the wonderful and elite, Bogota Plaza Hotel in the capital of Colombia.

The theme of this exclusive Construction Summit Bogota 2021 is “Bridging the Gap between Cultures of the United States and Colombia”.

The main goal of the 2021 Construction Summit Bogota reflects the growth and momentum of the construction industry in Colombia, and the role the exhibition plays in connecting innovators, equipment manufacturers, high technology, tools, and construction professionals.

The Summit of Construction to be held every six months in different countries,  and will show featuring in U.S. equipment and technology applications for the industry,  and promise to be the best, with limitless opportunities for business development with eager buyers searching for products and services in the construction industry. The six topical of the Summit will be :

– Technology, materials, and tools

– Processes and operations in the new concept of remodeling

– Strategy and international  business model for partnership

– People, organization, and construction culture

– Industry collaboration between United States and Colombia

– Joint industry marketing

“The launch of this new development for the Chamber, reflects how the construction revolution of the last half-century has made the world a much smaller place and comfortable to live – opening markets, creating new developments and infrastructures, and facilitating rapid industrialization in powerful economies like Colombia” , said Doug Mayorga, CEO & President of the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce, “ this premier construction summit is a  gathering of senior level thought leaders from across the many sectors of the industry that develop, design, build, and create, and combine networking opportunities to interact with attendees in a professional environment, we also provide exceptionally high-caliber education programs, featuring renowned speakers on latest trends in building science and design”.

Profile of the Visitors:

  • Engineers
  • Management
  • Project managers
  • Designers -Architect
  • Planners/Operators
  • Contractors
  • Importers/ Distributors/
  • Developers
  • Real Estates
  • Investors
  • Government
  • Lending & Surveyors

About the U.S. Construction Summit Bogota 2021: The place to meet top leaders in the sector with a series of conferences to hear about the most potent trends fueling the future of the industry. The 2 days events showing the latest equipment, tools, and discussion where contains new professional connections, and grow their own marketability within the industry.

About the Chamber: is the largest minority business organization and trade shows organizers in North America. Founded in 2000 has more than 34,000 members, and present more than 900 events. The headquarters is in Miami and business centers in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Los Angeles. Its mission is to promote American Companies in different international markets and to elevate their industry expertise, experience the newest equipment and products through demonstrations and industry-leading education, make new professional connections, and grow their own marketability within the industry internationally. For more information about the Chamber: