The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce Announces the premier Diversity & Multilingual Career Expo 2021 in Miami

The only local Career Fair in Miami opens to professionals, Veterans,  Specialized High-Tech workers and senior students!

MIAMI, Florida April 8, 2021. The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces the official launch of its Minority Diversity and Multilingual Career Expo Miami 2021: Employment & Education”, coming up this April 30, aimed at stimulating employment in a dynamic and proactive environment in Miami Dade County, Florida.

The event takes place at the wonderful Hotel Hyatt Center located at 1102 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL 33131. The event is from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. More than 20 large corporations, Federal Government Agencies, and academic institutions will be seeking to hire top Minority American talent from South Florida. The event expecting more than 300 attendees. Entrance is free.

This exclusive event is tailored for top-notch candidates who are language-proficient and cross-culturally competent job–seekers—from achieved professionals, students, Veterans, High Tech Specialists, and recent minority professionals and skilled workers.

According to Doug Mayorga, Founder and Executive President of the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce, “one only needs to take a glance at today’s workforce marketplace at local and national levels; their diverse and ever-evolving composition to discern the inevitable trend: the increasing and imperative need to have human resources strategically prepared to bridge people and organizations beyond language, cultural and other barriers

The Minority Diversity & Multilingual  Career Expo Miami 2021: is an opportunity to meet job seekers from various industries and specialties; including finance, marketing, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, communications, Information technology, Construction- Engineering, hospitality, linguistics, international relations/business, and much more. All confirmed participating companies will have access to resumes for registered applicants before this exclusive Job Fair.

About the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce: Founded in September 2002, the Chamber is a private economic development organization with offices in Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Colombia,  Honduras, Costa Rica and recently established a center in Mexico D.F. The Chamber is calling on large corporations, governments, and higher education institutions to invest in their communities and eliminate unnecessary hiring barriers for minority individuals with limitations. The Chamber is a leading advocate organization for entrepreneurship education and provide programs to help businesses and startup in contracting opportunities and international trade to develop minority leadership in America. For more information:

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Maria Loaisiga
Senior Planner Director