The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce Announces the XIV edition of the Americas Municipalities Summit in Bogota, Colombia to empower low income cities through promoting innovation, establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities

  1. The goal in this edition is to embraces future-ready vulnerable cities empowered by digital development, Public-Private Partnership – Funding and Collaboration.
  2. The mission to discuss poverty reduction in rural cities, Issues related to smart communities, health prevention, and economic comprise.
  3. The Chamber is a business network of Latin America the Caribbean’s rural cities committed to addressing economic development and intelligence.
  4. The Chamber supports cities to the facility and collaborates effectively, share knowledge, connectivity and drive meaningful, measurable, and sustainable action on poverty alleviation.

Miami, Florida, June 7, 2021, The capital of Colombia will play host to the XIV edition of the Americas Municipality Summit Bogota 2021 on June 28-29, 2021. The bi- Annual Summit, a two-day international conference organized by the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce on the topic of economic, environmental, and infrastructure Public-Private Partnership development will be held at the exclusive world-class venue, Hotel Bogota Plaza in Colombia. This year is dedicated to creating a better future for vulnerable cities and their citizens in the region where Sustainability & Digital Education.

The high-level municipality forum focuses on issues related to sustainable development but also covers other issues including international cooperation, security, health prevention,  modern development practices, hosting large-scale activities, and other topics in the fields of urban planning, air pollution, green energy, economics, and international relations.

The Conference will feature new and different economic development programs, outstanding speakers, and events with the following purposes:

  • Creating sister cities between U.S municipalities with Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Promote inter-city cooperation in economics, security, and entrepreneurship development;
  • Find solutions to urban sustainable development;
  • Disseminate advanced urban management concepts and techniques;
  • Promote global community, friendship, and cooperation among Mayors;
  • Build a global network of mutual learning and cooperation among cities;
  • Spread urban civilization and progress.

This is a big challenge for the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce to transcend national and institutional barriers by bringing together participants from the public, multilateral agencies, and private sectors”, said Doug Mayorga, President of the Executive Committee of the U.S. MCC. “Additionally, attendees would be recruited from around Latin America and The Caribbean, to bring together participants from disparate geographic areas”.

Adding, “I believe to bring the experiences of the U.S. Municipalities to Bogota, Colombia like Digital government services is a top priority. Also, how to use information and communication technologies in the region, traditionally, government services have been delivered in person, by individual departments in different locations, and often using paper forms. With digital services, the government can deliver information and services to citizens anytime, anywhere, and on any platform or device. Through shared vision and social innovations, the public and private sectors including communities can co-create innovative and integrated Rural Cities’ solutions for the future, increasing economic development and reducing criminal activities”.

About the Americas Municipality Summit Bogota 2021: The conference offers six General Sessions and six different educational breakout sessions, gala awards, comprised of the most diversified educational workshop and a comprehensive agenda including sister program agreements to strengthen relations, and a variety of public-private partnership activities with topics in Smart Cities, Communication, Investment, Technology, and Environments.

About U.S. MCC: Is an independent private business international association founded in 2000 that promotes continuing education, resources, and economic development serving the needs of municipalities and other allied associations from cities, also engages in municipal research needs, and fosters a spirit of mutual assistance and good fellowship among Mayors around America.