TOP 10 Best Essay Services, that writing your paper online: websites and companies reviews

Being a student these days is rather tough. All those classes you have to attend and all the academic writing you have to do simply pile up. And most of that work spins around the same topics, same subjects, and it gets quite overwhelming, to the point where even a very capable student would have difficulty doing it all. That’s why many students happen to turn to online essay services to help manage their home assignments. These services significantly reduce the pressure on students by assisting them with their daily workload.

The demand for help from legit essay services is only growing with time. Such services offer support with writing various kinds of academic papers. They hire world-class writers with excellent research and writing skills – many even claim to trick popular online plagiarism checkers.

The best essay service providers help students fulfill difficult academic tasks, and indeed, many providers became very popular amongst thousands of students. However, not all of these essay writing companies are legitimate. It’s not surprising that everybody wants to hire nothing short of the best and, in doing so, may require professional help to determine the top-notch essay writing service. That’s what this article is all about!

The TOP 10 Best Essay Writing Services in 2021 – 2022

  1. 99Papers

99Papers do more than just help customers with challenging academic assignments. What positively differentiates this company from the others is their fair pricing policy. They help students save money regardless of the essay difficulty and length. If you’re searching for an excellent place to buy an essay online relatively cheap in USA – there is no better destination than 99Papers! New customers, for example, can expect to get a reasonable discount when placing an order for the first time.

Their customers can also get a helping hand with rewriting and customizing their papers. The price for a completed essay is determined by various conditions such as length and the due date of the essay, its academic difficulty, and writer’s skills. Customers can choose from so-called Standard, Experienced, and Top writers. The last category tends to be a bit more expensive, but the higher quality of work in return is sometimes more important for a demanding customer. Regardless of what you choose, you’re guaranteed excellent customer service with 99Papers. They’ve made it to the top 10 in 2019, remained there for 2020, and will most likely stay there moving forward.

Prices: Start at $9.95/page | Revisions: Free and unlimited | Customer support: 24/7

  1. PaperHelp

An admission essay is a mandatory part of any college or university application. Such a paper has to be unique and, what’s most important,  impress the admission committee members. That is the reason why many applicants turn to the best writing services to help them succeed. Having the professionals to handle your essay allows you to save plenty of time and avoid unnecessary stress. On the eve of admission exams, applicants scout Subreddits and search engines like Google and Yahoo looking for help with the admission process. In this regard, PaperHelp website is the best place to be around the world.

You can count on PaperHelp to provide you with nothing less than the best admission essay. The experts here understand the nuances of perfect essay writing, including language, grammar, tone, etc., basically, each and every aspect that is a part of the perfect writing. If you have encountered problems with your admission essay and desperately need help, then look no further than PaperHelp!

Prices: start at $10/page | Revisions: Free | Customer support: 24/7

  1. EssayBox

EssayBox is another legitimate source of high-quality custom academic papers. Writing academic texts is an integral part of studies at colleges and universities. For students who plan to graduate with an academic degree, this is the only way it can be done. Each year, thousands of students turn to online services to help them write their term papers, theses, or dissertations. They have everything one needs to get high grades for all of the degree papers.

EssayBox stands out as a legitimate writing service. While there are plenty of fake websites out there that aim at scamming students, EssayBox have succeeded in winning students’ trust and respect. Positive reviews of Essaybox can be found all over Google and Reddit. Essaybox offers students a fast turnaround and a fair price for their papers.

The last thing you want is to turn in a plagiarized content, which is always a risk when using low-quality ghostwriting services. Papers from EssayBox are guaranteed to pass Turnitin and other plagiarism checks. It is reliable, cheap, and well deserves its place in our list of the best essay writing companies in the United States.

Prices: start at $12/page | Revisions: Free and unlimited | Customer support: 24/7

  1. EssayPro

EssayPro is another legit essay writing service but focused more on users from Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. EssayPro gives you a  chance to choose the level of expertise of the person who’s writing your paper according to your budget. You can also contact an author directly before placing an order. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your preferences and expectations in detail so that both of you are perfectly aligned. In either case, it’s always nice to get to know what to expect from your writer before you make an order.

EssayPro website has plenty of positive user reviews and you’ll find it difficult to find a negative one. Their success rests on a strong determination to deliver fast and reliable service to all clients. You can be sure that the company will meet the deadline for your paper. Even if something goes wrong, you can always count on the money-back guarantee policy. You can contact their support team to understand the quality guarantee better, learn about their security policy, rates, etc.

Prices: start at $9/page | Revisions: Free revisions within the first 15 days upon delivery | Customer support: 24/7 | Discount: Up to 15% off on the first order

  1. EssayFactory

EssayFactory is amongst the best essay companies for students looking for the cheapest essay writing service in the UK. EssayFactory is a gem of a service listed among the top paper service providers by critiques and independent reviewers. Their website offers plenty of choices for students looking for a professional writer to write a perfect custom essay. in Britain. Alongside, you’ll get assistance with your term paper, thesis, dissertation, research report, and many other kinds of paper at an affordable price. Delivery speed and excellent customer support make this fully legitimate essay writing service so good, you’ll want to come back to it again and again.

Not only do EssayFactory offer affordable prices, they also have an excellent refund policy. Often it’s worth going through a revision or two before deciding to get a refund. However, it’s nice to know a refund is always an option. Refunds are also available for cases when orders can’t be completed successfully for reasons beyond the writer’s control. Contact their customer service team to learn more about refunds and any other details regarding EssayFactory’s services.

Prices: start at £11.50/page | Revisions: Free | Customer support: 24/7

  1. 1Essay

1Essay have made it to the top-rated essay services list, and not without a good reason. They always strive to improve the quality of their services, recently adding theses and dissertations to the list of their products. Whether you want a dissertation, a book review, a research proposal or need help with applying for a scholarship, you can always count on 1Essay. They will assign some of the best writers on the market to create an outstanding dissertation for your MBA. All their products are reasonably priced; their writers always meet the deadlines and consistently deliver impressive results.

Besides, 1Essay service stands out for its excellent customer support. It’s easy to reach out and connect with the support team through a range of options, including multiple phone lines, live chat, and email.

If your essay assignment has a tight deadline, 1Essay won’t fail you. Whether you have one or a few days to complete the work, you can count on 1Essay – they have one of the fastest turnarounds on the market, also for students from UAE.

Prices: Start at $7.99/page | Revisions: Unlimited | Customer support: 24/7 | Discounts: 11% off on the first order

  1. Grademiners

Grademiners should be your go-to destination if you have a complex academic assignment or a project to complete. They deliver nothing short of 100% original high-quality content written by experts in various academic disciplines. Their services include lab reports, theses, term papers, capstone projects, and more – all for a reasonably low price. Bundled with some nice discounts, you may get an excellent mix of professional writing products conveniently located on a single website.

The prices for Grademiners services and the discounts applied to those services may change depending on the paper type and difficulty. The costs are some of the lowest on the essay writing market. The good news is that, after we’ve checked this service out, it ended up in our list! All you need to do is to look through some of the samples of their works to see what these guys are capable of. Grademiners writers are known for providing papers in different academic disciplines and fields, including high school; however, their primary target audience is college and university students. On top of that, they have many extra perks. For instance, if you are looking for a cover letter, help with writing a speech, or a resume – look no further than Grademiners – the best service for European students!

Prices: Start at $9/page | Revisions: 3 free revisions within the first 7 days upon delivery | Customer Support: 24/5 work days a week | Discount: 15% off on the first order

  1. Pencamp

Pencamp is another excellent proofreading, editing and writing services provider for students. Pencamp’s team helps students to write top-quality papers and, as a result, get higher grades. They’ve gathered a great team of professional writers on the market, many of whom hold advanced academic degrees, including Ph.D. It’s easy to work with them – simply provide them with the details of your assignment and set the deadline. Their writers will get the work done in no time! Indeed, professional services like this come into play when academic institutions fail to implement flexible studying processes and overload students with tons of written assignments.

All students deserve a writing service they can trust. They want to be sure that the paper they receive is authentic and original, written by a real professional in a corresponding discipline. Pencamp website offers a high-quality academic assistance platform for its customers. If you stop by their service, expect to get an excellent quality original paper at an acceptable rate. The company has earned positive reviews from thousands of customers fair and square, and it’s not that hard to see why. Simply check out the examples of their work to see everything for yourself!

Prices: start at $10/page | Revisions: Free | Customer support: 24/7 | Discount: 5% off on the first order

  1. EduBirdie

Some people are quite curious to learn how custom essay writing works, but are pretty shy to go ahead and hire a professional academic writer. EduBirdie is another excellent example of what the industry is all about. As the name implies, the company will complete your homework at a fair price. As a result, you’ll receive a top-quality paper meeting your requirements. This company is famous for giving students more control over the writing process as such. Students can make changes to their papers or offer suggestions to the writers before the work is completed.

Students in different countries and across various academic institutions have already taken advantage of the essay writing services like Homeworkforme. Without a doubt, these professionals would be an excellent solution to all of your homework needs. Their expert writers can do any assignment and meet any challenge that comes with writing and editing high-quality academic papers. Also, this company offers proofreading and editing services if you already have a draft and would like someone to refine it and improve it overall.

Prices: start at $11/page | Revisions: Free | Customer support:24/7 | Discount: up to 11% with relevant promo codes

  1. Ivory Research

Ivory Research is a trusted writing service, catering to students, job seekers, and business people in the United Kingdom. Ivory Research can work on much more than just academic papers and thesis statements for students. This company offers a wide range of products, has some amazing discounts and many extra goodies, which their competitors might just lack.

To put it simply, virtually everyone can find what they need here. Students can use the service to get their academic assignments done,  job seekers can order excellent quality resumes and cover letters to secure a job interview of their dream. And business people can hire writers to create a business plan, PowerPoint presentation, report, memo, and many other documents of their need. You can always count on Ivory Research to get the top-quality job done within the anticipated deadline.

Prices: Start at $8.99/page | Revisions: Free | Customer support: 24/7 | Discount: Upon the first order

Essay Writing Services is a Global Business

Don’t get into thinking that professional essay writing services are mostly available for the US customers! While it’s true that the majority of such services are based in the USA, students in other countries can also use and benefit from these services. Obviously, different countries have different leading essay services. In our list, 99papers holds the strong #1 position, undoubtedly being one of the best in both the United States and Canada.

Students in universities throughout the United Kingdom would want to check out EssayBox. These guys know very well how to write essays and other academic papers in accordance to the UK standards. Being a UK college student you surely wouldn’t want to get caught delivering an essay in an American English!

British students need papers written by local writers with experience and knowledge from British academic institutions. These days, far too many services outsource their writing tasks to people outside the Native English country who speak English as a second language. Alas, this may not get you a good grade on your paper. A top-rated essay service would always use writers and researchers from the UK only.

There are also plenty of choices for students from outside Europe. For example, EssayPro might be a great choice for students in Australia. There are hundreds of Asian essay writing companies for students across China, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong and other countries. Regardless of where you live, you can always get access to a good essay writing website and enjoy the same benefits as millions of other students who needed a helping hand with their assignments.

Besides national criteria, the principles for choosing a good service are literally the same around the world, it’s just a matter of checking various reviews and finding the service trusted by most of the other students. If a company prides themselves with hundreds or even thousands of positive user reviews, it is quite likely that you should be able to trust them with your money too.

Students across the world are continuously required to write academic papers, but many simply do not have time or energy to complete them, as time and energy are the scarcest resources these days (wouldn’t you agree?). Prioritizing tasks doesn’t always help either. These days many students are struggling to combine academic life with their personal and social responsibilities, and many have to work part-time while studying.

Sometimes, the only way to write faster is to sacrifice the quality, which is not a very good option indeed. It’s not worth submitting a paper on time if it doesn’t get you a good grade, right? That is exactly why professional essay writing services exist. They are often seen as the best way to cope with the mounting pressure of too many assignments and tight deadlines.

Why Essay Writing Gaining Popularity?

Although academic writing for hire has been known for quite some time, this kind of service is continuing to gain popularity as remote education becomes a new reality. Especially these days, when the global pandemic made most of the students study from home. Education over the web not only requires fast internet-based means of communications but also lifts the bar up in terms of the variety of approaches to the education process.

Instead of having a personal tutor, many students rely on the helping hand of professional writers. Academic writing is not an easy thing to do, so no wonder that many people choose to have a professional dealing with their tasks, rather than doing things themselves.

Even more so, online editors and proofreaders actually do act like personal tutors, allowing communications to flow each way. While discussing a particular topic, experts normally explain the reasons for their edits. They also make suggestions, thus helping students understand the idea behind the changes, not just provide them with the final version of a paper.

So, without a doubt, essay writing is definitely here to stay and will most likely be growing in the foreseen future.

Are Essay Writing Services Legitimate?

Undoubtedly, students are concerned with the legitimacy and reliability of the essay writing services. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of good services available online. In this abundance, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a legitimate, trustworthy and reliable custom essay website. Alas, there will always be companies that compromise on the quality of their work by hiring unqualified writers and even allowing plagiarism.

Ordering an essay from such shady sources, especially on a quite specific subject like, say, nursing or law, is going to do more harm than good. It’s likely that you’ll end up purchasing a plagiarized paper. One should be very careful when searching for an essay writing service indeed.

Having said that, still, there are plenty of good services out there that are fully reliable and legitimate. The easiest way to find a trustworthy one is to review user feedback and check out their independent reviews. The goal is to find a reputable and well-established company that has an outstanding reputation in the student community. It’s advised to use common sense and some critical thinking to avoid web services that seem too good to be true.

We all know that deeds are better than words. One needs to inspect the work samples to, basically, allow the company to prove the legitimacy through the quality of their work, like writers from And keep in mind that only the most trusted and genuine services pass the test of the time. Top-notch essay services are defined by their ability to deliver quality in a timely manner.

Writing Guides

Whether you need to write a thesis, an essay, term paper, a book review, a dissertation, or pretty much anything else, you need to be rather good at what you are doing. We have gathered plenty of writing guides to help you make your essay longer, be more readable, optimize the language and grammar, even choose the best fonts and styles, just to name a few.

Are you looking for some advice on topics for the 1000-word long argumentative essay? Perhaps you aren’t sure how long it should really be. Or, say, you’re stuck in the middle of your paper, completely lacking fresh ideas. We’ve got you covered there! With our writing guides, you will most definitely find what you need right there on our website.

An integral part of writing an essay is the art of making lists. A lot of documents require lists, so knowing how to format them, we believe, is essential. You may want to check out our dedicated guide in regards to the above-mentioned! There are hundreds of rules on how to list things, but who said it has to be complicated? The starting point is always to know how many words/pages your essay requires because lists use and their formatting depend on that greatly.

Writing guides are particularly useful when you plan to seek external help with your academic assignment. For a start, you shouldn’t outsource every single written assignment. Instead, it’s good to do some work yourself. Reading through different guides and knowing how to put a paper together would also help to distinguish a good quality work. Read and edit your essay carefully before submitting it to your professor.

One of the essential parts of our guide is the information on how to, literally, trick Turnitin. Turnitin is an application used by academic institutions and businesses to check students’ works (and other documents) for plagiarism. Students usually verify their papers via this app, where they get checked for the originality of the content. Understanding completely how to avoid troubles with this service is usually the key to success in any written assignment, in particular with the ones you’ve paid for. As always, there will be certain services that would sell the content to several students, so one should have their eyes peeled for such scammers.

How Can a Customer Trust an Essay Writer?

It is worth noting that essay writers are not always trustworthy. To find out whether essay writers can be trusted, there are some factors one needs to consider. First, you should identify whether the writer is discreet in that they protect their customers’ personal information and rights. Secondly, the writer must assure the customer of full ownership of the papers they pay for

and that the customer can use the work in whatever way they choose. Third, a writer is to be trusted if they assure the customer that they will write the essays from scratch and not just sell pre-written work. Fourth, it is common for writers to blackmail customers after working with them. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the writer does not know the customer’s name and vice versa. Finally, the writer should be willing to submit a plagiarism report with the paper.

For essay writers to be trustworthy, they need to provide excellent customer service to their customers to ensure that any issues and questions are promptly resolved. Essay writers who avoid questions from customers may not be trustworthy. Additionally, trustworthy writers are

transparent to their customers about what they are likely to offer. This could be in the form of revisions, money-back guarantees, satisfaction guarantees, and plagiarism reports, among other things. This assurance is necessary to avoid misinformation and customer dissatisfaction. Loyalty and trust are essential before working with an essay writer and need to be considered.

Are Essay Writing Services Reliable?

Whether an essay writing service is reliable or not depends on the service that a student selects. Though the majority of the writing services are reliable and service-oriented, some money-minded companies have found their way into the market, leading to low-quality work and questionable ethics. Hence, it is possible to pay for an essay writing service and end up with low-quality work that would lead to an automatic fail if submitted.

There have been several cases in which students were ripped off in the process of essay writing. They might receive low-quality work that ultimately leads to their failure. More so, it is essential to note that some essay writing service companies resell papers already sold to other clients, especially when a student requests a paper on a similar subject or question. Such companies provide poor customer service and often refuse to refund money to their clients.

It is, however, essential to note that some essay writing services are reliable, especially those that write essays from scratch instead of using prewritten pieces. Additionally, reliable companies have confidentiality clauses, and they tend to protect their clients. Notably, when researching a company’s reliability, it is crucial to look at the guarantees extended. Such include on-time delivery and the policy on age of sources used in essays.

More so, one should look at the qualification of writers in their specific disciplines. Additionally, a reliable essay writing service should provide a plagiarism report when submitting all their assignments. It is vital to ensure that the essay writing service one decides to employ is reliable since the market has a combination of both reliable and unreliable services.

Are Writers Real Professionals?

Essay writing is different from professional writing, and not all essay writers can be regarded as professionals. This is the case since, though essay writers are gifted and inspired in what they do, professional writing is complex and needs some training above natural talent. Essay writers require strong analytical and critical skills and must be able to express ideas succinctly.

With the rising competition for writers in the market, some writers have taken the initiative to undergo training as both essay writers and editors to gain some level of professionalism in the market. These trained writers have a level of experience that elevates them to the professional level in the writing field. And so, the routine, habits, and practice of essay writers is the defining factor as to whether a writer is professional or not. It is possible to identify a professional essay writer among the broad field of writers.

Professional writers tend to have a responsible outlook on tasks regardless of who the client is. These writers can meet deadlines and produce work customized to the client’s requirements and the instructions given. Other features that can help in gauging a writer’s professionalism are their

conciseness and clarity, level of vocabulary, natural curiosity, problem-solving skills, and general discipline that influences their inspiration, especially when proofreading, editing, re-evaluating, and even revising work that needs extra effort and attention.

Therefore, whether a writer is professional or not depends on the individual writer and their experience and habits.

How Do Essay Writing Services Work?

Essay writing companies provide services such as writing essays, proofreading, and editing for university, college, high school students, and businesses. Sometimes students and professionals have no time to work on essays. In other cases, their skill sets are not good, and

they find themselves stuck and confused. The only option left is to hire the services of an essay writing company.

The first step for a client is to research a company that fits their requirements and expectations. Some services have a built-in calculator, where a client can enter specifics such as level of study, words, or pages of work required, among other factors. The service then computes the cost of the service for the client. In some cases, the service provides a money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with the work provided.

When a client hires the services of an essay writing company, they share the topics and directions on an online platform. Once the writer generates the essay, the client receives some time to review the work and request changes if needed. For most services, the company offers a maximum of ten days to request any change. Notably, though the client pays for the essay writing, the companies usually provide revisions for free as long as they are requested within the allotted time.

Some of the advantages of essay writing services are that they give the assurance of plagiarism-free work. To satisfy this assurance, the company offers a plagiarism report to the client when submitting the work. Additionally, the services often have a satisfaction guarantee

and money-back guarantee.

How Essay Writing Services Can Help Students

Many students have to balance school deadlines, academic commitments, work, and family issues. Often, it is difficult to mentally shift from work and social life to academics. Consequently, many students find themselves overwhelmed by schoolwork, and hence, essay writing services can act as a savior. Still, other students struggle with writing in general and need guidance and assistance from essay writing services.

Essay writing services help students manage their time more effectively, especially where they have to handle many assignments at once and other school work activities and exams. Handling all these responsibilities is stressful and takes a lot of the student’s time.

Essay writing services ease the pressure by assisting with assignments and leaving the student with time for other activities, family, part-time work, and friends. Ultimately, this leaves the student in the right frame of mind to succeed in their studies. Essay writing services also help a student by offering unique and plagiarism-free work. This service ensures that the quality of work presented by the student is of high quality, with proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and structure. This leads to good grades that lead to an increased GPA.

Essay writing services help students with research in the early stages of writing, with organizing and clarifying thesis or dissertation writing, and they provide examples to guide students whenever they feel stuck. The service also helps in editing or proofreading drafts of an essay in order to create structurally and grammatically coherent essays. This is especially helpful

if the student is not a native English speaker. The service can also improve their citation and formatting. Overall, essay writing services help a student to succeed in their education.


If you are stressed with lots of assignments while in college or have very limited time to complete your homework, you would most definitely benefit from using professional essay writing services. The websites we’ve listed above are amongst the most trusted on the market at the moment. These are the services that one can safely trust with their money, just like thousands of other happy customers worldwide. You gotta see it to believe it, they say? Check out their user reviews and work samples to figure out which one would be the most fitting choice for your particular needs.

As one can expect, hundreds of academic paper writing companies around the world are competing for their potential customers’ attention and claiming to be the “best of the best, with honors”. We worked hard to compile a shortlist of the most trustworthy and reputable companies. We do hope that we’ve gathered useful information and that our readers would appreciate it. Well, no you can just go ahead and get that academic weight off your shoulders! Simply scroll back to the beginning of this article and choose one of the services. We’ll call it the first step.

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