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Today, to any person with a tablet or smartphone there is a huge collection of a variety of cartoons that can positively affect the development of the child, give her basic understanding about the world and even teach kindness, modesty, and courage.

Undoubtedly, the choice of the right cartoons allows you to introduce the child to a different life situation. Expand his horizons in a virtual form to experience an unfamiliar emotions and events. Don’t be surprised if the child asks to include the same cartoon: the better he is familiar with the plot, the less tired and the more pleasure he gets while watching.

How to choose a good cartoon for a child?

A good cartoon can contribute personal, emotional and intellectual development of the child, and also allows you to experience a certain emotion in a game form. As for the characters of the film, they can help the child to form a certain pattern of behavior. Therefore, choosing a film is a responsible moment! And we are ready to help you in this matter.

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Animation, Family, Comedy, Featured/2021

What is this movie about?

In a funny, animated family movie with songs, Young Zuzanka, Honzik, and Goat are searching for the children’s parents, who the devil has apparently capture to punish them for producing devilishly good goat cheese.


Animation, Family, Musical

What is this movie about?

Timmy Uppet and his friends love racing monster trucks. See an awesome mix of monster trucks racing around Vidsville and the stunt track. Also, see Timmy singing the popular “Monster Truck Song” with his friends. Over 30 minutes of monster truck fun.


Animation, Comedy, Family|2021 

What is this movie about? 

An animated cartoon filled with lots of great learning tools and fun! Resembles Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street. Great fun for kids. Jade Pro Studios invites you to come along on an epic adventure with Maria and Friends!


Animation, Comedy, Family, Sci Fi, Featured|2021 

What is this movie about 

When the entire galaxy is threatened by the evil Robot Cat only an elite group of aliens known as the Space Guardians can stop him! Squeak, the newest member of Space Guardians, teams with rogue warrior Ham Sanders to stop the Robot Cat.


Animation, Comedy, Family, Featured|2021 

What is this movie about 

Fifi and Lily are back for more fun and another amazing underwater adventure! Join Trigger the sea horse, Kiki the puffer fish and their favorite teacher Professor Shark as they travel to locations under the sea meeting new and incredible characters!


Animation, Family|2021

What is this movie about 

If you or your children love trains then you’ll love watching 21 of the best train videos from the award-winning series Lots & Lots of Trains. Enjoy singing along to popular and all-time favorite train songs set to real life and toy trains in action.

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