Two energy experts join Stoicheia’s scientific advisory board Daniel Schrag, Chris Wolverton join materials discovery tech startup

SKOKIE, Ill. — World-renowned scientists Daniel Schrag and Christopher Wolverton have joined Stoicheia’s Scientific Advisory Board, the new tech startup announced today.

A MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, Schrag is the Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology and professor of environmental science and engineering at Harvard University, where he studies Earth’s climate history in order to understand current climate challenges and mitigate future climate change. As co-director of Harvard’s Science, Technology and Public Policy Program, Schrag has worked on a range of issues facing advanced energy technologies, including applications for low-carbon fuel and carbon capture and storage.

Wolverton is the Jerome B. Cohen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University. An expert in computational materials science, he aims to predict and optimize materials for energy storage and conversion. Wolverton’s research group created the Open Quantum Materials Database, one of the largest materials databases in the world, which has used computation to identify one million materials.

Schrag and Wolverton are the newest members of Stoicheia’s Scientific Advisory Board, which added Richard Crooks, Vinayak Dravid, Edward Sargent and Peidong Yang — experts in nanotechnology, materials science and clean energy — in March.

Launched in January 2021, Stoicheia combines artificial intelligence with high-throughput screening technology to advance the discovery of new materials, with potential to impact the trillion-dollar automotive, chemical, oil and clean energy industries.

“Dan and Chris are deeply committed to our goal to discover and optimize new, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials that will drive the developing renewables and net-zero carbon emissions economy,” said Stoicheia co-founder Chad A. Mirkin. “Their addition to our team complements our Scientific Advisory Board members’ expertise and will add valuable perspectives as we continue to grow.”

About Stoicheia

Stoicheia is at the forefront of digital materials discovery. Stoicheia uses a unique combination of proprietary AI and high-throughput screening technology to advance the discovery of new materials that can impact the trillion-dollar automotive, chemical, oil and clean energy industries. Through its proprietary NanocombinatoricsTM and MegalibraryTM platforms, Stoicheia not only has access to the world’s largest combinatorial material libraries, but also unprecedentedly large datasets that are being used to train their proprietary AI and machine-learning algorithms. These capabilities allow for the rapid, systematic, and thorough interrogation of the materials genome, enabling the discovery of new materials with properties driving the development of the renewable and net-zero economy. New fuel cell and carbon nanotube catalysts have already been discovered using this approach, and novel catalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution, integral for green hydrogen production and fuel cell development, are some of the next targets. Carbon dioxide reduction catalysts that can convert CO2, currently being sequestered as a waste product, to a valuable feed stock, are also materials that are being designed and evaluated with Stoicheia’s technology.