Unispectral launches Monarch, the Second Generation of its Spectral Camera for the NIR bands and world’s first mass-market spectral camera.

Affordability and simplicity extend use of spectral IR imaging to agriculture and other industries The 30-gram camera works anywhere, in conjunction with Android Smartphones or PC. 

Tel Aviv, Israel. – March 22, 2021 Unispectral, the developer of ColorIR™️ technology, announced today the launch of its new Monarch spectral IR camera. Monarch is the first low- SWaP (size, weight & power) spectral camera on the market, suitable for immediate use or by integration in OEM platforms or application developers. The low-cost Monarch simplifies spectral imaging and eliminates the need for expensive, bulky, complicated and sensitive equipment, or limited spectrometers.

Monarch consists of the Unispectral proprietary tunable Fabry–Pérot filter (μFPF), integrated with a miniature IR camera module, all fit into a slim 60x40x14.5mm, 30gr camera. For operation, controls and display, it connects via a USB cable to either an Android smartphone [for handheld use], a PC [for static integration] or main processor of OEM platform. The camera captures and immediately outputs multiple detailed, single-band, NIR images within the 680nm- 940nm wavelengths spectral range.

Ariel Raz, CEO of Unispectral said, “Today we rollout the first mass-market spectral camera. With the Monarch, Unispectral creates a brand-new market segment of spectral IR imaging for agriculture and other industries. The 30-gram camera works anywhere, in conjunction with Android Smartphones or PC.”

In agriculture, the Monarch allows analysis of numerous produce health and quality indicators, throughout the supply chain. It allows the inspection of soil, plant, entire field, and pre/post- harvest produce. “Our partners had field-tested the Monarch with excellent quality and yield

improvements” Raz added.

The Monarch spectral camera affordability and simplicity enables broad adoption in numerous new applications such as:

  • Security – facial authentication, access control, payment terminals
  • Industrial Automation – QC, PCBs manufacturing, coating inspection, fabrics and other material classification
  • Medical – vital signs monitoring, remote healthcare
  • Automotive – DMS-Driver monitoring system

About Unispectral:

Monarch camera is delivered with a complete set of DLL and API for developers. GA is planned in May 2021. Unispectral also offers the Monarch as an EVK bundle, delivered in a ready to use case and with a basic user interface for immediate evaluation and field testing.

Founded in 2016, Unispectral is a pioneer in spectral imaging. The company provides a revolutionary array of products and solutions for capturing spectral NIR images, based on the proven tunable Fabry–Pérot technology.

Unispectral HQ is in Tel Aviv, Israel, with reps in Hong Kong, China, Germany, and South Korea.

For more information visit: www.unispectral.com.