Country’s Remarketing Leader Making Offers in Hours and Paying Sellers Cash in Days

FLD Remarketing, one of the country’s top vehicle remarketers, announced this week it is paying historically higher prices for used vehicles than at any time in the last 40 years. The sellers, it says, are fleets and business owners who want to avoid risk and improve liquidity by getting paid immediately for end of lease, used or unwanted vehicles, or equipment. The service flies in the face of traditional vehicle remarketing, which generally requires sellers to send vehicles to auto auctions, dealerships, or private sales, wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

The service – dubbed “zero days to sale” – includes used vehicles and equipment of all kinds – cars, final mile delivery trucks (white metal), work trucks, and construction equipment. According to FLD, the process is as simple as requesting – and accepting – a quote, before getting paid quickly for their used set of wheels.

Sellers can even conduct every element of the remarketing process online with FLD’s WebAccess solution. With WebAccess, sellers can quickly and easily upload a vehicle’s condition report, request a quote, and even get paid – all usually within a day or two of accepting an offer.

FLD’s “zero days to sale” is a flexible way for companies, merchants and fleets looking for extra cash or liquidity to sell fast, reap the rewards quickly, and eliminate any potential risk that results from having to hold the vehicle longer than necessary. The process also puts cash in a seller’s hands sooner, an important benefit as companies struggle to recover from the ongoing pandemic.

FLD’s remarketing is so fast that fleets can even lower a vehicle’s total cost of ownership by avoiding extra lease payments or unnecessary remarketing time and expenses.

According to Bill Bishop, SVP of Sales and Marketing for FLD and a recognized expert on medium duty and heavy work trucks, there may never be a better time to sell, as new inventory is virtually non-existent, and prices for used vehicles have never been higher.

“The amount of new vehicles available is really lower than anything the industry has ever seen,” said Bishop, a 30-year fleet veteran.

“We’re hearing from fleets down the street, and we’re hearing from fleets around the country, because they know they may never get higher prices for their vehicles than they will this Spring and Summer. If you’ve got a used vehicle you don’t need, or you’re looking for the flexibility of a cash influx – there’s just never been a better time.”

Bishop pointed to a number of other factors that make selling to FLD in the current conditions, including higher ROI and the ability to invest in new opportunities with the cash from selling a vehicle.

Fleets interested in getting a no obligation quote on used vehicles or equipment, can simply call FLD at 800-754-1522, or request a quote by going to the company’s website at Or, email Fleets interested in learning more about FLD’s WebAccess solution can use the same contact info to learn more about conducting the entire remarketing process in real time from the safety and convenience of any device, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Delray, FL, based FLD Remarketing has been America’s vehicle remarketing pioneer and leader for over 40 years. FLD helps fleets of all sizes reduce remarketing risk by paying them up front for end of lease and used vehicles and equipment. With most remarketers, sellers are forced to wait weeks or months while their vehicles work their way through the remarketing process. FLD makes the process even easier with WebAccess, the advanced solution that lets sellers conduct the entire remarketing process online from the safety and convenience of any device, anywhere, anytime.

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