‘Vaccine Syringe’ from Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. highly demanded by 20 countries; What special technology hidden in the syringe?

Low dead space technology results in an additional 20% increase in production. With the US FDA approval, export to the world is expected with inundated requests from 20 countries that reach 260 million supplies.

Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. (CEO Hee-min Jo), a manufacturer of medical devices, is a rising issue when it’s a week ahead of the domestic vaccination of COVID-19 in South Korea.

Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. accelerates to produce more than 10 million syringes per month for the COVID-19 vaccine after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. additionally intends to proceed with export consultations, including U.S. pharmaceutical companies in earnest regarding the approval of the US FDA.

Yesterday, President of South Korea, Jae-in Moon, visited Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. and said, “We are facing the vaccination starting coming next week. We are delighted to inform the public about the importance of syringes, which are essential for the vaccination, and the excellence of our products.”

There is a worldwide shortage of syringes for COVID-19 vaccines. The supply of more than 260 million syringes for COVID-19 vaccines developed by Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. is requested from more than 20 countries worldwide, including the United States, Japan, and the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer.

What kind of technology is equipped in the COVID-19 vaccine syringe developed by Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. that received overwhelmingly excessive requests for supply from many countries?

Poonglim Pharmatech Inc., founded in 1999, has been manufacturing, producing, and importing medical devices such as glass syringes and vials mainly used by pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

The company has developed a special syringe with low dead space (LDS) or low dead volume (LDV) technology to be used for COVID-19 vaccination. In general needles, the remaining injection solution per injection is 84 microliters (µl) or more, but Poonglim Pharmetech Inc.’s LDV syringe has been minimized to 4 microliters. In other words, it reduces the amount of injection remaining in the syringe after usage.

With a general syringe, only up to 5 times injection per bottle is supplied, but with Poonglim Pharmatech Inc.’s LDV syringe, more than 6 times injection per bottle is possible. If the syringe of Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. is used for vaccination, there is an increase of the population vaccinated by an additional 20%. This means that with vaccines for 10 million people, it can actually inoculate 12 million people with this syringe.

On another day, the news was reported that 12 million Pfizer vaccines were wasted due to a failure to increase the production of vaccine syringes.

The ‘safety guard sterilization needle,’ which secures the safety of medical personnel and patients by combining a contaminated needle after injection with a safety guard, was successfully commercialized.

Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. also boosted syringe productivity with the help of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise and Startups (MSS) and Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics supports the establishment of a win-win smart factory for small and medium-sized businesses with the MSS. Samsung Electronics also supported Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. and the manufacture of syringe automatic assembly facilities using ultra-precision mold and injection technology. With this, a mass production system was established that can produce more than 10 million units per month, 2.5 times that of Poonglim Pharmatech Inc.’s 4 million units per month.

Samsung is also known to have supported a quicker process to get approval from the U.S. FDA for Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. ‘s LDV syringes. Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. received final approval of the LDS syringe from the FDA in 56 days.

Currently, Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. receives inquiries for the supply of 180 million vaccine syringes from the United States and 80 million vaccine syringes from Japan.

The company plans to build an additional production system of more than 10 million vaccine syringes per month in the 3rd factory (new factory) which is currently under construction. It will become the world’s largest vaccine syringe supply system that produces more than 20 million units per month.

In addition, Poonglim Pharmatech Inc. is making smooth distribution in the Americas by entering the KBDC-LA export incubator operated by the Korea Small and Medium Business Corporation support project.