Vuuzle Film Production has become a breath of fresh air for the modern media industry

Today, the international company Vuuzle Media Corp confidently occupies the position of one of the leading production centers and suppliers of free media content in the world. Also, without exaggeration, we can state the fact that the modern Vuuzle Dubai Studios and the streaming platform Vuuzle.TV, which contains free content to watch, has become a breath of fresh air for the modern media industry.

Vuuzle Film Production executive producer and Vuuzle Media Corp founder Ronnie Flynn is actively implementing the most advanced technologies, so he decided to equip Vuuzle Dubai Studios with the best and most modern equipment currently available in the world. Also the highlight of Vuuzle Dubai Studios is a unique and original design that is related to the theme of the Marvel universe and its characters.

The video below will help you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Vuuzle Dubai Studios:

This video shows that every corner of Vuuzle Dubai Studios respects the power of details. The interior is incredibly stylish and at the same time, cozy. Also, the naturalness of the sculptures of the heroes of the Marvel universe and the paintings of talented artists are impressive.


Without exaggeration, in the walls of Vuuzle Dubai Studios you can see the superheroes Hulk, Terminator, Captain America, Mr. Bean… – and this is not the whole list, because the collection of characters is constantly updated. Recently, Thanos, a powerful space warlord from Titan who ruled a distant region of space and commanded a large army known as Chitauri, as well as the Outraiders, appeared within the walls of the production.

In fact, Vuuzle Dubai Studios has everything you need to create a top media product such as Digital Effects, Green Screens Backlot, and others.

It is these technical capabilities and original interior that attract large world-famous companies to cooperate. Today, Vuuzle Film Production, a subsidiary of Vuuzle Media Corp, is active in the production of films and TV shows, as well as renting out its unique film studio to major world-renowned companies.

In particular, the following companies have recently started cooperating with Vuuzle Film Production:
  •  Nutella chocolate and nut paste brand;
  • The Jumeriah group, an international chain of luxury hotels ;
  • Emirati television channel  Abu Dhabi TV;
  • MBC media conglomerate.

And another nice bonus is that everyone can see with their own eyes the innovative Vuuzle Dubai Studios. Vuuzle Media Corp took care of this and organized special tours that allow you to immerse yourself in a world where rating movies and television.

Watch the following video, which shows the technical capabilities of Vuuzle Film Production:

In Newsroom journalists, news producers editors are always up to date with the latest events in the world. They collect, process information and broadcast the Vuuz News. There are isolated rooms for video editing and sound recording, a studio area for newscasts.

The Vuuzle Dubai Studios make-up room is incredibly cozy, bright, and comfortable: real beauty is created here without exaggeration. With the Control Room, you can monitor and control all the processes that take place at Vuuzle Dubai Studios. The production also contains various zones, locations, a recording studio. And at Vuuzle Dubai Studios comfort and productive rest are appreciated: here it is possible to use a modern kitchen, a sauna, and a jacuzzi.

It is a fact that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, difficult times have come for media producers as well. Some companies leave unfinished projects and wait for the situation to improve. However, Vuuzle Media Corp managed to adapt to the new reality and even get some benefits.

Thanks to the competent reformatting of production, the company’s work did not suspend even for a minute. After all, the resources of Vuuzle Film Production allow you to make not only shows but also, above all, feature films and series. And thanks to the streaming platform Vuuzle.TV. Created contents are available online and free of charge by viewers from all over the world – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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