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Vuuzle Media Corporation defines world class streaming innovation! The popular Vuuzle.TV movie site delivers flawless user experience less than a year after launch and now Clout9, the innovative social media platform, has just passed soft launch with flying colors. But there’s more excitement on the horizon with the recent launch of VUMU – a new music streaming platform with an exciting artist community.

Vuuzle is more than a series of applications – taken as one, these products define a unique lifestyle experience. There have been delivery challenges, but hard work and a devotion to the team have taken dreams and turned them into reality. Now that the “heavy lifting” is done – Vuuzle Media Corp plans to focus on marketing and brand identity in order to cut through the clutter and deliver great products to an eager audience.

Regardless of the challenges presented by a global pandemic, a hotly-contested Presidential Election and civil unrest – the Vuuzle team has remained laser-focused on their goal: delivering entertainment value and building a strong economic base for the company’s shareholders. The Vuuzle team delivers on their promises!

Q1 is going to be filled with new announcements for both shareholders and clients. The award-winning Vuuzle.TV platform is generating revenue as planned, now the challenge is scale and growth. Without resorting to tired “off the shelf” solutions – the Vuuzle team is ready to pivot it’s experience in innovation to enhance revenue and engagement. The future looks promising for all involved in the “Vuuzle Lifestyle”.

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