Vuuzle Media Corp is a factory of world STARS and a place where they become famous

Talent is not enough to find, it needs to be supported and developed – says the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Ronnie Flynn. Therefore, he created a unique environment for talented people, which contributes to the achievement of fame and success.

Today, Vuuzle Media Corp helps creative and talented people to express and realize themselves. Every day at the innovative Vuuzle Studios, located in Dubai (UAE), various shows are filmed. As a result, viewers in almost all countries of the world can see the filmed content thanks to the OTT platform Vuuzle.TV . For creative people, this is a great opportunity to express themselves to the world.


Scientists conducted an interesting study… Analysis of data and conclusions from long-term monitoring of gifted children prompted followers Stanley, Benbow and Lubinski to revise the theory of labor adjustment. According to her, human development is equally strongly influenced by personal skills and interests, as well as the environment. Optimal development is possible only when both internal and external factors are in balance.

In other words, a person will be able to be fully realized if his talents and interests get into the right environment, which provides opportunities for development. And it is Vuuzle Media Corp that serves as such an environment.

The international company Vuuzle Media Corp has all the tools to make a creative person famous. After all, in the company’s arsenal: a modern innovative studio Vuuzle Studios and a progressive OTT platform Vuuzle.TV. 

Is he a talented person? It is impossible to answer negatively to this question. And this is true because everyone has talent. The main thing is to notice and develop it. And this function is performed by Vuuzle Media Corp.

Undoubtedly, this company helps you to stay true to your talent, not to kill the desire to develop in the chosen direction. Working with Vuuzle Media Corp. is a guarantee that you will not turn talent into a burden and a duty. The team supports all endeavors and at the same time inspires. After all, happiness and joy are a priority. Talent development is work, but work should be a thrill because doing an unloved job is impossible to get the desired return and achieve any result.

Thanks to this philosophy, Vuuzle is growing every day and hundreds of people are growing with the company. So catch the success stories of great people who have become famous, including thanks to Vuuzle.


? ? ? ? ? Ronnie Flynn? ? ? ? ? 

The founder of Vuuzle Media Corp.  Ronnie Flynn is also the executive producer of the Vuuzle.TV media platform. He starred in the mini-series  The Portal and is the host of the show  Hot Topics with Ronnie . The project is attended by successful, talented and creative individuals. This includes businessmen, artists, musicians, singers, bloggers, restaurateurs and even world-famous travelers.

Ronnie was born in the United States in Los Angeles, California. He spent most of his career in Asia and Indonesia. He also owns many entertainment corporations in Romania, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Ronnie Flynn has over 33 years of experience in entertainment and business. Ronnie has previously starred in popular Hollywood movies and as a DJ has toured almost the entire world. Ronnie Flynn has become one of the most sought-after personalities in business as a corporate advisor and consultant to well-known multibillion-dollar corporations.

? ? ? ? ? Angela Gegg ? ? ? ? ? 

Angela Gegg is the host of  Angie TV: Live in Dubai, which shares the success stories of talented people and famous companies. Angela Gegg is also an artist, writer and real estate expert. She has written two poetic anthologies and numerous articles on the real estate market. Angela has received numerous awards for her work in the arts and entertainment in the Caribbean. Angela currently lives in Dubai (UAE) where she actually worked as a commercial real estate agent for many years.

? ? ? ? ? Bilal Syed? ? ? ? ? 

Bilal Syed is a professional media journalist, on Vuuzle.TV he hosts several shows, such as: Vuuz News, Let’s Talk With Bilal, Food is Mood, The Expert Views. Bilal is an incredibly purposeful and organized person. He is an effective communicator who works well in a team and knows how to work with colleagues, clients and interlocutors at all levels.

? ? ? ? ? Ahmad Al Marzooqi? ? ? ? ? 

The host of the fun talk show “Chai with Ahmad” Ahmad Al Marzooqi ( @chai_with_ahmad ) is a popular blogger in the UAE. In his project on Vuuzle.TV, he introduces viewers to celebrities in Bollywood and the Middle East. Ahmad Al Marzooqi – worked for more than 8 years in the federal government. He is incredibly passionate about marketing and the media.

? ? ? ? ? Anne Jackson? ? ? ? ? 

Anne Jackson is the host of The Anne Jackson Show. She is a professional coach and trainer at One Life Coaching ME. Anne Jackson specializes in career development, leadership, personal relationships, emotional intelligence, self-development, money, mental health, family, divorce, and more. Anne Jackson practices modern treatments, including cognitive behavior, acceptance therapy, and compassion. She has more than 10 years of experience in psychology.

? ? ? ? ? Andreea Stefanescu? ? ? ? ? 

Charming Andreea Stefanescu is the host of The School Of Manners project on cultural awareness, etiquette, body language, organizational skills, and leadership. The host of the show Andrea Stefanescu shares knowledge of etiquette, which helps to successfully and confidently navigate in modern life situations of the 21st century. Watch “The School Of Manners” and learn how to behave at fine dinners and chic pool parties, as well as business meetings and everyday social events. Andrea Stefanescu’s approach to etiquette is unique in that it has updated and applied traditional advice in today’s world.

NEW STARS are being born on Vuuzle.TV SHCHOMITI! Therefore, this is not the whole list of celebrities …

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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