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Some people think that success is a coincidence, but life shows that it is not so. Success is the result of hard work and achievements.

To succeed in life, you need three things: the right thinking, the ability to work with people and the knowledge gained. And all these qualities are characteristic of the employees of Vuuzle Media Corp. 

Vuuzle Media Corp believes that successful external PR starts with internal. Employees are eloquent evidence of the status of the organization in the market. By talking to people who work in the firm, you can determine whether it is a leader or an outsider in its field. That is why it is very important to create favorable working conditions and to instill in each employee respect for the company.

And this is incredible – the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp. Ronnie Flynn managed just that: to find real professionals and build an international company with offices in the US, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine and other countries.

And now let’s meet the representatives of Vuuzle Media Corp in Ukraine and Indonesia!

Vuuzle Media Corp. team in Ukraine

The site was visited by more than 1,000,000 users in 2020! And this is during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Kyiv (Ukraine), the Vuuzle Media Corp team is working on the Ukrainian-language site , as well as writing articles for the  New Formula Channel site . Employees run the company’s pages on various social networks, promote the Vumu Music project, and also conduct SEO analytics because to create a successful advertising campaign and promote the site – you can not do without collecting data about users and details of visits.

Julia Pashko – Corporate Counsel/Project Manager

“Nothing is imposible,” Julia Pashko’s favorite quote.

Julia Pashko holds the position of manager and is responsible for making certain specific and specific decisions on various issues and situations. She also manages and evaluates the activities of employees, strategic and operational planning, organization of efficient use of resources, coordination of all parts of the process, and marketing. Also, she supervises employees over the implementation of goals by senior management of the corporation. In addition, Julia negotiates contracts with content providers and promotes the Vumu Music project.

Anna Bychyk – PR specialist/Content Manager/Logistics specialist

“Anything is possible if you have enough desire and belief”, – Anna Bychyk is convinced.

Anna Bychyk monitors the content of Ukrainian media for placement on the website, searches for content for all categories, manages Vuuzle News Ukraine’s Instagram profile, as well as studies and analyzes the features and best ways to promote content on social networks. She works with colleagues from the Philippines – selects press releases for Email distribution and helps solve all current office issues. Anna also writes content and promotes the music project Vumu Music on the social network Instagram.

Ivanna Samoteі – Public Relations Specialist/Content Manager/Content Writer

“If opportunities don’t knock, build a door,” says Ivanna Samotei.

Ivanna Samotei holds the position of Content Writer and is responsible for filling the website with interesting articles and videos. She follows current world and Ukrainian news. Ivanna writes her own articles, rewrites and copyright for the website and for social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). She also writes materials for the promotion of the  New Formula Channel site. Lastly, she collaborates with content writers from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Evgeniy (Yujin) Konkolovych –  Financial Analyst / Public Relations Specialist/Content Manager

Our patience will achieve more than our force (Edmund Burke), – favorite words of Evgeniy (Yujin) Konkolovych.

Evgeniy (Yujin) Konkolovych is a financial analyst responsible for the technical side of the website. He works with technical teams in the Philippines and the United States and analyzes the website, performs SEO-optimization of articles. Yujin is also promoting the Vumu Music project  on Twitter.

The Vuuzle Media Corp team in Jakarta (Indonesia)

ROFIATIN MASLUHA (SOFI) – Public Relations Specialist / Accounting Personnel

Sofi works on the company’s Indonesian  website  and also writes articles for the  New Formula Channel . Promotes the company in various social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Prepares financial reports, invoices, accrues wages to employees, negotiates with government officials and partners in the interests of the company.

Vuuzle Media Corp is only moving forward!

According to the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Ronnie Flynn, the main component of the image is to create an atmosphere of a single team in the team, where everyone, doing their own thing, remembers the common goal, say, success in national and international markets.

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