Vuuzle Media Corp Limited eyes on launching a PPTVM through Vuuzies Movie Critics

Vuuzle TV is based on advertising technology where a TV viewer receives free television and free music. The way the company earns its money is through payments made by the advertiser/s for the commercials that are viewed on our platform.

Our company will be the first company in the world where viewers will be paid to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, at the same time listening to their favorite music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The viewers will be paid in VUCO coin where the TV viewer can open an account and trade their tokens for cash on, powered by Vuuzle Media Corp Limited. Through the platform, they can store and save the coins earned as the VUCO Coin becomes more valuable over time.

TV viewers have the following options to  redeem points:

Transfer money to your PayPal account

Transfer through Visa reward cards

Store / save inside your Vuuzle Media Corp Limited wallet located at

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited will pay you to watch free world-class shows and premium music while earning VUCO Coin because you are a member of PPTVM (People Paid TV & Music). Aside from these, you will also be paid through playing games, complete offers, and shop online.

Vuuzle.TV will also have a special offer exclusively made for movie and TV critics who watch television more than 15 hours a month. These movie or TV critics will be called Vuuzie TV viewers. The Vuuzie TV viewers will give their feedback and criticism towards the content that they watch. This means that you will be paid through watching and giving opinions of your Vuuzle TV shows.

Who are the Vuuzie Movie Critics?

A Vuuzie movie critic is a person who views and analyzes the various elements of a film, like character, plot development, performance, cinematography, directing editing, and writing. Critics may use their critique to encourage or dissuade viewers from watching a particular film and broach various topics that warrant further discussion amongst audiences. Movie critics can write and publish their reviews in print or online publications, personal blogs, and websites, or record their analysis as part of a podcast or digital video.

3 Types of Movie Criticism

Amateur movie criticism: 

Amateur movie criticism refers to a subjective form of film analysis by non-professional film critics who want to share their opinion with other movie fans. Aspiring film critics can publish their own film critiques and analyses to a personal website or through blogging. Though these sites may not generate as much traffic as professional publications, they still provide a vehicle for anyone with an opinion about a film to share it online via podcast, digital video, or blog post.

Journalistic movie criticism: 

Journalistic criticism is the most well-known type of movie criticism, typically found in newspapers, magazines, and digital outlets. Journalistic movie critics focus on critiquing new film releases and providing a scoring system that rates the movie’s quality based on their pre-established criteria. Their critiques often feature a summary of the movie and a subjective breakdown.

Academic movie criticism:

Academic movie criticism focuses on in-depth critical analysis and is often more objective than other types of film criticism. This type of movie criticism is typically published in academic journals or books. Academic movie critics often have a background in film theory, film studies, or film history, which they use to dissect and interpret the film’s subject matter, themes, emotional resonance, and other critical elements. Academic criticism aims to discuss a film’s importance, relation to real-life events, and its place within film history and its respective genre, rather than providing a summary or basic movie review like journalistic criticism.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is an international company that confidently occupies the niche of one of the most innovative media platforms in the world. As future projects create sparks from continuous goals and vision, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited guarantees innovation to prosper throughout the years.

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