Vuuzle Media Corp maintains one step ahead in the right direction, as it launches its VUCO coin

The concept of digital investments has come a long way. Entrepreneurs with a unique business idea used to build capital by approaching their personal network for funding—family members, other relatives, and friends—in a concept also referred to as “angel” investing, which shall face the fate of being the last option as years pass by.

Carrying the purpose of staying relevant in the field, Vuuzle Media Corp is now headed in the right direction. The company is currently working with a huge international team in launching its tokenization through its official coin, VUCO. The team shall include some huge heavy-weight crypto influencers who can also potentially open opportunities and potentials to future innovations.

Vuuzle Media Corp has also several exchanges they study and consider to make trading with VUCO a huge winner, or become a giant on its own.

Here are some links to help you grasp with this amazing vision:

NAGA Coin (NGC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to bridge the gap between financial markets and is also the new era of digital money. The project is backed by the German publicly listed FinTech “The NAGA Group AG”.

NGC was launched on 17 Dec 2017 after raising $50,000,000 from 63,000 people in its ICO. Full article:

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Here is the Investopedia site showing the best Crypto Currency exchanges for 2021.

Vuuzle Media Corp specifically aims to be available on the best exchange. As a result, no matter what country its investors may live, they can go on to the exchange that suits them the best.

The company is definitely sure that its future is very bright and has a high potential as it will be the first-ever OTT company to make available the first token for Vuuzle Media Corp, the VUCO.

Get ready, because VUCO coin and website are launching soon!

This is a developing story.

Written by Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer and Public Relations Specialist

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