Vuuzle Media Corp manages to sustain success amidst several setbacks

Challenges that a company will face can vary in many different ways, from environmental issues to social issues, economic issues, as well as many more. Over the years, Vuuzle Media Corp founder Ronnie Flynn, has been “hands-on” with the company and its ventures. Despite giving a hundred and one percent, some uncontrolled setbacks come the way– be it a natural disaster, or problems rooted in unhealthy life competition.

For the past year, Vuuzle Media Corp has experienced two major setbacks. However, with the help of collective effort, trust, and faith, the company has managed to rise above and continue the game.

So what are these two fiery disasters that made Vuuzle Media Corp stronger?


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Working culture has been experiencing drastic changes due to the global pandemic. Many companies are shutting down. COVID-19 introduced major changes to work culture, and the essence of having a job slowly deteriorates.

In 2020 during the Vuuzle TV’s soft launch, Vuuzle was hurt by the new COVID pandemic which kicked the company and the team really hard. Companies were being forced to shut down or forced to close down because they had no money. We of course could not spend money. The founder, Ronnie Flynn, started to make moves that would keep the company open.

Vuuzle Media Corp assured the team that everyone will get through this no matter what, and it happened.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, VUUZLE MEDIA CORPORATION stands tall and continues to soar. Up to now, the company maintains its stability regarding the employment status of its team players. No employee has been laid off due to the financial shortcomings of the company.

Today everything has opened up for Vuuzle Media Corp and is scaling at light speed. The company became one of the top streaming companies in the world and still pushing the envelope with new products that will blow away the audience.

Despite several setbacks, Vuuzle Media Corp makes the most of the current circumstances to continue growing business and rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Earlier this year, Vuuzle Media Corp’s name was dragged into the negative light rooted in a number of false allegations. These fallacies reached the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), clearly purposed to tarnish the clean name of the company that took years to build.

This unfortunate incident, of course, affected the company and its team members. When the complaint was made public, Vuuzle Media Corp just launched its newest venture: the Vuuzle Studios in Dubai. The dream-turned-reality feeling of everyone ended shortly because of the nightmare caused by unsolicited fallacies, which the whole Vuuzle Media Corp does not deserve.

However, amidst this unfortunate event, the company remains unshaken. Vuuzle Media Corp’s founder Ronnie Flynn, along with the whole team across the globe, vowed to stand with the company. Everyone has dedicated a special space of their lives for Vuuzle Media Corp, and not a single soul in the company would think of trading years of hustling for nothing — especially with lies.

Tangled fallacies may seem to take over today, but the truth will always sort everything out. Vuuzle Media Corp was built along with sacrifices, and continuous hustle. Every employee it once had, and currently has, contributed a part of his/herself to what growth it has now. Amidst everything, Vuuzle Media Corp will still uphold its vision of providing a new era of entertainment across the globe, and continue to become beacons of truth and honor.

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No problem can take a good company down. This is business, and in business, you risk and live wisely. Vuuzle Media corp is more than just a company– it is a shared dream among its founder, shareholders, and employees. Everyone trusted the wit, skills, and prejudice of each team member. With God’s guide and the gift of wisdom, Vuuzle Media Corp will continue to rise and flourish in the field, carrying its vision of growth and providing a new era of entertainment to the world.

Written by: Francesca Jade S. Hernandez | Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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