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The future of television is changing quickly and shows how customers crave personalized, convenient content. As data capabilities have increased with 5G, Vuuzle has begun to produce more streaming services for live tv, sports, and special interest channels. The President for Vuuzle TV, John Lamb, said, “The future of television will be customer-driven and vastly different from the past. What’s more, all televisions are likely to become smart TVs within the next ten years.” 

The reduction in production and distribution costs driven by technology being available via the cloud has lowered barriers to entry and made Direct to consumer (D2C) propositions a reality. This has meant those sports federations and leagues previously blocked from offering their own OTT service now have a real opportunity to deliver an engaging and immersive solution to their fans. This is why early on Vuuzle.TV joined hands with the NFL alumni to cater to sports fans and create new content. 

Vuuzle.TV has worked to personalize content for the viewer through recommendations via basic algorithms that are editorially driven or by meta data. This makes training AI and machine learning technologies to understand consumer behavior extremely difficult.

What is promising for the future is the prospect of advanced AI that truly understands an OTT viewer’s behavior. When done correctly, these technologies would spot nuances in data sets that you would not see if using a straightforward dashboard. This approach has more to offer the OTT market than any of the traditional recommendation and personalization maneuvers we’ve seen to date. Thus the reason are tech team is innovating Our already award winning OTT platform.

When it comes to user experience (UX) features – and as a result user happiness – navigation and simplicity is the key to Vuuzle.TV free OTT platform. As consumers buy-in to the various OTT offerings available to them, they also see the free services of Vuuzle TV and free Radio exclusive only on Vuuzle Media Corp applications.  Prophecy Onasis, the CTO for Vuuzle media Corp said, “the ability to navigate the numerous channels we have and live tv ensures that the customer can easily find what they want is core to success. Contrary to popular belief, more is not better. Too many features within the UX might sound like a great value-add for viewers, but in reality, they just complicate and ultimately ruin the experience.”

Verizon Media Platform’s integration partners IRIS.TV, is also intergraded on Vuuzle.TV. These world-class partners have pre-integrated with Verizon Media’s APIs, ensuring a seamless workflow and rich feature set that fast-tracks Vuuzle.TV time to market. These integrations also provide innovative viewing experiences our audiences demand and keep Vuuzle ahead of the competition. 

The power of over-the-top (OTT) advertising is undeniable. Vuuzle TV Unlike pre-roll ads or even YouTube, the ads presented within OTT on Vuuzle are not skippable, giving our members the ability to present their message to the streaming consumer with a better than 97 percent video completion rate.

Vuuzle TV channels are free, they offer advertisers an opportunity to reach a fairly large viewership, particularly the growing number of folks who do not pay for cable.

Just 2 years ago When ViacomCBS acquired Pluto TV in 2019 for 360,000 million, it had 12 million viewers. After the legacy media company leveraged its library to add several more channels to the service, its audience nearly doubled in less than a year and reportedly netted $1 billion in domestic ad revenue. Just imagine what Vuuzle media could be worth when it starts adding and creating carriage deals for new channels including linear all free earning money on AdTech.

The new world of TV is unbundled from time, removed from pipe and device agnostic. Our viewing habits have become more extreme, vacillating between the ultra-short, 20-second clip of a bee pulling nails from a wall, or the snatched 15 seconds of mannequin challenge, smashed uncomfortably against the 12-hour binge of watching your favorite TV shows.

As TV slowly recognizes the internet, people will begin to adopt a new way of thinking and using the architecture as on the internet. Vuuzle viewers will want their primary screen to be a search bar. A search bar that pulls in content from every provider they have and subscribe to and of course Vuuzle.TV the free service that also provides music).

The user will want “VUMU Radio” for music, they will want all the content to be linked, the users and viewers will be able to use Vuuzle media Corps clout 9 to select a TV star and see all they’ve appeared in. They will be able to share and send everything any of their smart gadgets.

 TV is about to go under the most radical transformation imaginable. Lines are going to blur. What is stored locally and what in the cloud? When does TV become Video? What should usage rights be for nations and devices? Do we need a set top box anymore? Not with Vuuzle TV it’s everywhere and easily accessible. To power a truly robust video strategy that effectively reaches the right viewers across digital video and advanced TV at scale, advertisers need to prioritize premium, brand-safe content environments and incorporate unified targeting approaches that eliminate overexposure, taking full advantage of the latest capabilities within the digital video and advanced TV ecosystem. Vuuzle Media Corp is that company and is now an award-winning OTT Streaming platform for free TV and Music.

Above all, Vuuzle Media Corp adopted an innovative approach to digital video and TV buys that moves beyond Linear TV will be critical to success as viewers can — and do — watch from anywhere, whether it be a mobile or tablet device, CTV, or content-rich TV everywhere streaming platforms.

As video consumption continues to evolve Vuuzle TV new distribution partners, and ad solutions have arrived onto the scene, effective advanced TV opportunities on Vuuzle.TV are everywhere and can be effectively tailored for current and upcoming creative and media strategies globally.

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