Vuuzle Media Corp professional team works as a precise clock mechanism

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Can one person without a team build a real empire? Definitely not! The success story of Vuuzle Media Corp (VMC) shows one lesson. A well-chosen and well-coordinated team are an integral part of the business.

Each member of the Vuuzle Media Corp complements the other. Each employee is aware of the strategic goals of the company and professes a clearly chosen direction of development.

According to the founder of VMC, Ronnie Flynn, the joint work of professionals can give much more than their independent resultss.

The professional team of Vuuzle Media Corp works as a precise clock mechanism

Why is teamwork a priority for Vuuzle Media Corp?

First, it is a powerful tool for effectively achieving the goals of the organization and the implementation of the tasks set within it. Second, teamwork is also a tool for the personal and professional growth of each employee who is a member of this team.

The founder of VMC, Ronnie Flynn, and Prophecy Onasis’ CTO have brought together not only a team of professionals but also like-minded people. CEO Ted Joseph, Chief Product Manager Joe Salvador, the Director of Ad Relations Natasha Rainey, and the Director of Live Streaming Jock Mirow, and others – all these people are working hard to develop the company.

Ronnie Flynn is the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp

Founder Ronnie Flynn is also the executive producer of the Vuuzle TV media platform. He starred in the mini-series  The Portal, and is also the host of the show  Hot Topics with Ronnie.

Ronnie Flynn was born in the United States in Los Angeles, California. He spent most of his career in Asia and Indonesia. He also owns many entertainment corporations in Romania, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Also, Ronnie Flynn has over 33 years of experience in entertainment and business. Ronnie starred in popular Hollywood movies and as a DJ traveled almost the world. Ronnie Flynn has become one of the most sought-after personalities in the business. He is on-demand as a corporate advisor and consultant to well-known multibillion-dollar corporations.

The professional team of Vuuzle Media Corp works as a precise clock mechanism
The professional team of Vuuzle Media Corp works as a precise clock mechanism

Prophecy Onasis – Chief Technology Officer Vuuzle Media Corp

Prophecy Onasis has achieved great success in the field of social media. For over 15 years, Prophecy has been building online business models, building niche social networks, and helping businesses make a profit. Prophecy Onasis has also worked in the field of Internet marketing for over 20 years. He shaped brand awareness for both blue-chip companies and small businesses.

The professional team of Vuuzle Media Corp works as a precise clock mechanism

Ted Joseph – CEO Vuuzle Media Corp

Ted Joseph is a world-renowned music producer with over 20 years of work with Warner Bros. Records and Warner Distribution, Sony Music, EMI / Capitol, BMG Distribution, Sony Distribution, Universal Distribution, and Warner Music Group. He has worked with many world stars. Included in the list are Robin Thicke, John Legend, Drake, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Jennifer Lopez, R Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Adele, Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, and others.

The professional team of Vuuzle Media Corp works as a precise clock mechanism

The management of Vuuzle Media Corp managed to build an international company. These are located in the United States, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, and other countries.

The Vuuzle Media Corp in Dubai (UAE)

Vuuzle Media Corp is headquartered in Dubai (UAE) and modern Vuuzle Studios – an innovative production with an excellent original design with the most popular heroes of the Marvel universe.

Vuuzle Studios is also equipped with the latest technology. It uses the world’s most advanced film technology to produce live television programs.

The production includes various zones, locations, a recording studio, a Digital Effects department, Green Screens and a Backlot. In fact, Vuuzle Studios involves shooting at multiple locations simultaneously. And it’s not just about the show, but, above all, about feature films and series. Vuuzle Studios employs professional producers, directors, cameramen, actors, presenters, screenwriters, make-up artists… Every day these people create rating shows and series

The Vuuzle Media Corp in Las Vegas (USA)

Las Vegas (USA) is the technical department of Vuuzle Media Corp where the team is working on various projects of the company, such as:

  • a music app called  Vumu Music,
  • an application for artificial intelligence called Clout 9,
  • AI application   – the so-called “visual web” on a mobile phone or laptop, which composes music, TV shows, pictures, and programs and plays them in 3D.
  • Vuuzle TV media platform, where unique content is published every day, which can be watched ONLINE and for FREE –   24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is also worth noting that the Vuuzle TV media platform was launched in December 2020 during the COVID pandemic. And despite the lockdown, the company managed not only to hold on but also to make a name for itself in the world of film and television.

The professional team of Vuuzle Media Corp works as a precise clock mechanism

The Vuuzle Media Corp in the Philippines

The city of Angeles (Philippines) is home to the administration and top management of Vuuzle Media Corp. Included here are graphic designers, web developers, web designers, content writers, and PR and Public Relations specialists.

The Vuuzle Media Corp in Ukraine

In Kyiv (Ukraine), the team is working on a Ukrainian-language site, writes articles for the  New Formula Channel site, maintains the company’s pages on various social networks, promotes the Vumu Music project, and conducts SEO analytics, because to create a successful advertising campaign and promote the site – can not do without collecting user data and visit details.

The Vuuzle Media Corp in Indonesia

The team in Indonesia works on the company’s Indonesian website, prepares materials for the  New Formula Channel, and promotes the company on various social networks.

Cheerful Teambuilding at Vuuzle Media Corp – an effective HR tool

Team building is an important part of personnel management that requires a professional approach. Relationships in the team affect not only the emotional state of each employee but also the overall effectiveness of the team. That is why Vuuzle Media Corp often holds corporate events aimed at enabling teamwork, a sense of support, and trust between participants

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