Vuuzle Media Corp.’s innovative applications are now in trend

The Vuuzle Media Corp application is fully compliant with Apple and Google’s recommendations. Therefore, the company confidently occupies the niche of one of the most innovative OTT companies in the world, which is actively developing. Let’s get acquainted with the company’s unique innovative projects: a music application called  Vumu Music , an application for artificial intelligence called Clout 9, OTT platform Vuuzle.TV , a game application Gamevuu.

Vuuzle Media Corp. constantly monitors trends and news, analyzes reviews of its products and draws conclusions in the form of application updates. 2020 has dramatically changed the world and increased the role of technology in all areas. It will not be possible to return to the old way of life: in 2021 it all depends on how quickly we introduce new tools and adapt.


The rapid development of technology allows you to create a unique product that will meet all the needs of the target audience. The synergy of modern design and functionality allows you to present products of any complexity at a whole new level. Vuuzle Media Corp. is responsible for studying the needs of the target audience, so it creates a quality product.

Vuuzle Media Corp. created its own OTT platform in 2018. And in the fourth quarter of 2019, the streaming application  uuzle.TV  improved and enhanced its functionality. Now you can watch movies, shows and TV series absolutely FREE of charge, without a monthly subscription and registration. Just download the application on your iOS or Android device, and you can view the content in the web version of Vuuzle.TV.

Vuuzle.TV is a premium streaming service that offers live video content, such as TV shows, news, sports and feature films. The Vuuzle.TV streaming service works on the principle of content transfer from the provider to the user. All content is already downloaded on a third-party server – and the user does not need to download anything to view or listen. The content is broadcast in real time, the download speed directly depends on the speed of the user’s Internet.

It is worth noting that the Vuuzle.TV library is constantly updated and has a wide range of movies and new TV shows shot at the modern Vuuzle Studios in Dubai (UAE). Vuuzle.TV also has more than 40 genre categories – comedy, drama, family and children’s programs, classics, horror and others.

Vuuzle Media Corp has entered the streaming market and joined the streaming video category, which already includes a number of players: from Netflix and Amazon to Hulu, Facebook and YouTube.

Download VuuzleTV on IOSAndroidRoku, or online at See tons of channels and thousands of movies all free! Vuuzle is a premium streaming service that offers live video content. Such as hit television shows, news, sports, and feature-length movies.


Vuuzle Media Corp has created the Vumu Music app  , where you can play thousands of popular songs from around the world for FREE. Vumu Music radio stations and playlists are constantly updated with trendy songs. Recently, 2 stations appeared in the application: contemporary / smooth jazz station and 80’s rock station.

The Vumu Music project is a huge, easy-to-use music library. Vumu’s design includes “playlists” where you can listen to a song, go to an artist’s album or find similar singles. And also in this music application you can listen to the radio, because Vumu Music has the best radio stations in the world.

Download VUMU And Start Your Listening Experience Now!


Vuuzle Media Corp is working on an application called Gamevuu . The company aims to make millions of people around the world use the app every day as a great platform for online games with friends. Gamevuu will realistically immerse the player in the virtual world of games.

Download Gamevuu: 


Clout 9 – an application for artificial intelligence. With an app connected to a mobile device, you can quickly switch from the Vumu Music app to watch any movie, series or show. Clout 9 allows you to launch mirror neurons using cube technology to explore various Internet portals and new dimensions of human life. The application also allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Download Clout 9: 


Every day brings changes in the world of technology. Accordingly, approaches to creating applications are changing. One of the priorities of Vuuzle Media Corp. is to keep abreast of the development of Internet technologies.

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