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Undoubtedly, a business that has an innovative good idea and produces change can be successful. And now you will hear a story about such a company. We will talk about Vuuzle Media Corp., as well as how and who manages to build one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Behind every successful company is a talented leader and dedicated professionals. The great merit of the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp. Ronnie Flynn is that he was able to properly distribute the roles in the team: to find leaders, generators of ideas and good performers.

Vuuzle Media Corp, without exaggeration, works as a honed mechanism, where each department performs its direct functions, but guided by the common goal of the company.

Who drives the development of Vuuzle Media Corp?

Meet the company’s Administrative and Accounting Departments! 

The people who work here do everything to make the company efficient and prosperous. One of the important priorities of the agencies is the provision of quality administrative and financial services.

Che Carson – Chief Administrative Officer & Corporate Secretary (Administrative Department)

Che Carson is one of the pioneer employees since the founder put up a business venture in Philippines. She already served for more than a decade (13 years).

At Vuuzle Media Corp., Che Carson manages the company’s day-to-day operations, working with all department heads and offices in the UAE, the United States, Ukraine, Indonesia, and other countries. Chey monitors compliance with the company’s internal regulations.

Che Carson is a Bachelor of Science in Education graduate. She believes that honesty in professional relationships is an important aspect of Vuuzle Media Corp.’s corporate culture.

Arcel Muldong – Legal Assistant & Administrative Officer (Administrative Department)

Arcel Muldong is responsible for all legal matters of Vuuzle Media Corp. She mainly focuses on the work of employees, and is also an administrative employee. It is worth noting that Arcel has been with Vuuzle Media Corp for more than 10 years.

Arcel Muldong was educated at Computer Secretarial (BS Com Sci). She values ​​objectivity in people, guided by her vast professional experience and knowledge of the law. Arcel is a spiritual and wise woman who maintains a high level of prestige and authority in the company.

Jenny Permales – Accounting / Banking Officer

(Accounting Department)

Jenny Permales is an accountant at Vuuzle Media Corp. She is responsible for tracking financial transactions in the company and accruing salaries to employees. Jenny graduated in Business Information and Management.

Jenny is an extremely organized and creative person: she loves to travel, cook and generally learn something new and unknown.

Gladys Itao – Accounting Assisstant

(Accounting Department)

Gladys Itao is responsible for keeping track of the company’s accounts payable, as well as closely monitoring the control of consumables used by employees. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology. Gladys Itao is also a very talented person, she is fond of music and loves to sing.

Undoubtedly, thanks to the professionalism, comprehensive knowledge and charisma of the company’s employees – Vuuzle Media Corp. manages to move forward, develop and occupy new niches in the global media industry.

Author: Ivanna Samotei || Vuuzle Media Corp, Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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