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In maintaining modern business, it is very important to create a motivated, effective team that is able to learn something new and not stop at the achieved result. A reliable and progressive team is the key to the success of any business.

Vuuzle Media Corporation managed to unite professional people who are confidently moving forward to new heights. This company occupies the niche of one of the most innovative media platforms in the world.

This is evidenced by the prestigious award from Verizon Media for innovation in the field of “OTT streaming”.

Who’s at the helm of Vuuzle Media Corporation?

Ronnie Flynn

Ronnie Flynn is the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp. He has over 33 years of experience in the field of entertainment and business. Ronnie starred in popular Hollywood movies and as a DJ traveled almost the world.  Flyyn has also become one of the most sought-after personalities in business as a corporate advisor and consultant to well-known multibillion-dollar corporations.

Ronnie Flynn was born in the United States in Los Angeles, California. He spent most of his career in Asia and Indonesia. He also owns many entertainment corporations in Romania, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Vuuzle Media Corp is an international company with offices in the USA, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, and other countries!

The Vuuzle Media Corp. Team
The Vuuzle Media Corp. Team in USA
Vuuzle Media Corp. team in Ukraine
OAU Vuuzle Media Corp. Team
The Vuuzle Media Corp. Team in USA
The Vuuzle Media Corp. in Indonesia
The Vuuzle Media Corp. Philippines Team
The Vuuzle Media Corp. Philippines Team

In a recent interview, Ronnie Flynn declassified the formula for his success – and it turns out to be music and laughter. According to him, these things are extremely important when creating a prosperous company.

“As a founder, I trust Vuuzle’s strategies. Vuuzle Media Corp provides our investors and employees with a detailed strategy outline and current business model. Transparency has become Vuuzle’s main work. Our culture conveys and cultivates our mission and supports the company with positive vibes, ”says Ronnie Flynn in a recent interview. (Read the full interview HERE ).

Vuuzle TV boasts millions of active viewers and one of the largest online libraries of free premium content in the world. 

The Vuuzle TV platform was launched in December 2020 during the COVID pandemic. And despite the lockdown, the company managed not only to hold on, but also to make a name for itself in the world. Vuuzle Studios in Dubai creates more than 50-100 new TV shows every month. The Vuuzle TV platform contains more than 40 genre categories: from comedy, drama, family and children’s programs, classics, horror to arthouse cinema.

The founder of Vuuzle Media Corp. Ronnie Flynn is also the executive producer of the Vuuzle TV media platform. He starred in the mini-series  The Portal and is the host of the show Hot Topics with Ronnie.

The founder of Vuuzle Media Corp., Ronnie Flynn

The founder of Vuuzle Media Corp. Ronnie Flynn and the CTO of Prophecy Onasis brought together not only a team of professionals but also like-minded people. CEO Ted Joseph, Chief Product Manager Joe Salvador, Ad Relations Director Natasha Rainey, and Live Streaming Director Jock Mirow, and others are all working hard to grow the company.

The Vuuzle Media Corp. in Las Vegas (USA)

The Vuuzle Media Corp. in Las Vegas (USA)

Ted Joseph

Ted Joseph – CEO of Vuuzle Media Corp. and a world-renowned music producer with over 20 years of work with Warner Bros. Records and Warner Distribution, Sony Music, EMI / Capitol, BMG Distribution, Sony Distribution, Universal Distribution and Warner Music Group.

Ted Joseph has worked with many world stars, such as: Robin Thicke, John Legend, Drake, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Jennifer Lopez, R Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Adele, Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars, Kanye West and others. 

“It’s not just about working hard, it’s about working smart. Smart people survive”, says Ted Joseph. 

CEO || Ted Joseph

Prophecy Onasis

Prophecy Onasis – Chief Technology Officer of Vuuzle Media Corp., has achieved great success in the field of social media. For more than 15 years, Prophecy has been building online business models, building niche social networks and helping businesses make a profit. Prophecy Onasis has also worked in the field of Internet marketing for over 20 years, shaping brand awareness for both blue chip companies and small businesses.

CTO // Phantasm Onasi CEO

Prophecy is currently innovating with the Vuuzle Media Corp. team. And as a result, it is worth noting a successful collaboration with  Verizon Media.

“Being a partner of a powerful company like Verizon is an honor. We were invited to their headquarters in Los Angeles and we were able to see The Nock, which is Verizon’s central intelligence for all their streaming technology. We have also been awarded the Brand Blazer by Verizon for being leaders in how we use streaming technology solutions. This is a huge achievement for our entire Vuuzle team, ”says Prophecy Onasis. (The full interview can be viewed HERE ).

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