Vuuzle Studios is the new home of world-class productions

Contrary to what it seems, the entertainment industry experienced a sudden rise in demand from viewers, since the pandemic happened. Companies weren’t able to cope up with the changes and requirements from the demand. As a result, this factor contributed to why entertainment sectors fell down. Lockdowns from areas also caused filming location productions to close borders, limited movements, and lockdown tapings became more expensive.

On the other hand, some companies strived to survive and leveled up their games in the industry. One company that started buzzing its name is the Vuuzle Media Corp (VMC), the company behind Vuuzle TV. Because of the rise in demand of the viewers worldwide, VMC decided to build their own production studios- the Vuuzle Studios located in Dubai.

Last January 14, 2021, Vuuzle Studios launched with a grand premiered in Dubai (UAE). Famous TV presenters, actors, singers, musicians, artists, businessmen and company partners attended the launch. The event is also available for viewing on different Vuuzle TV media platforms. The potential of the new venture impressed the guests of the launch. Their own eyes were filled with the sight of everything you need to create a top media product. 

Some highlights of the grand launch of Vuuzle Studios in Dubai

The artistic design of Vuuzle Studios’ interior offers a unique office experience to employees

The working area and environment also affects the effectivity of the employees. As a result, Vuuzle Studios aimed at providing a unique office experience to its employees. The studios’ interior is not just a common office but a museum also. Different wax figures of Marvel superheroes, and also iconic characters are up to spice up walking within corridors. Because of this unique ambiance, employees can lessen stress and fueled up.

Vuuzle Studios offers its productions team a one of a kind comfort experience in filming using its unique and high-tech features

Vuuzle Studios includes various zones, locations, a recording studio, a Digital Effects department, Green Screens, and a Backlot. These cater to the needs of the viewers by offering different genres of shows.

The green screen room with a high-quality green background allows the use of the technology of chromakey. As a result, the team can easily edit the video by replacing the green background with a static or dynamic image. On the other hand, Vuuzle Studios has also a wide range of scenery that can be modified for different purposes. The production team can recreate any time, season, and even country using its Backlot feature. Furthermore, the Visual Effects and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) allow the team’s imagination to go beyond using effects that also spice up the outputs.

Vuuzle Studios has an arsenal of top-of-the-line devices and technology to produce world-class outputs

There is no doubt that the type of devices used in productions greatly affects the quality of the outputs. As a result, Vuuzle Studios has a large arsenal of top-of-the-line devices and technology to offer its clients. From cameras to lighting devices, everything harmonizes with each other and is also set to produce a top-caliber production. (The detailed list of its arsenal will be up soon in an article, so watch out for this!)

Vuuzle Studios boasts of the wonderful and talented team behind all its productions

Of course, all of the devices, offices, and technology would be immaterial if the people handling these aren’t skilled and competent enough. Vuuzle Studios has also a wonderful and talented team full of potential behind all its productions. Different people from different countries united themselves into one team towards one goal: to offer a new era of entertainment using unique content to clients and viewers.

Ronnie Flynn, the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, creates opportunities in unleashing the potential and creative realization of people. He also managed to unite professional people who are confidently moving forward to new heights. Moreover, VMC successfully occupies the niche of one of the most innovative media platforms in the world.

Employees form a backbone for the foundation and stability of a company. They also play an essential part in a company’s success and the foremost reason behind achieving the company’s purposes and objectives. As a result, Vuuzle Studios aims to provide employees a good environment to un leash the best out of them.

The Vuuzle Studios maximizes its potential in providing a new era of entertainment to cater clients and viewers. Big plans in the future are under their sleeves, so don’t miss these out! Stay updated with its latest news and also ventures!

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