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Vuuzle’s purpose is to be the unquestionable leader in today’s media business.

Currently, Vuuzle Media Corp. occupies the niche of one of the world’s leading production centers and providers of free media content. And proof of this is the enchanting opening of the film studio of the future – Vuuzle Studios.

Last January 14, the grand premiere of the new innovative film studio Vuuzle Studios took place in Dubai (UAE). The event was attended by famous TV presenters, actors, singers, musicians, artists, businessmen and company partners. The launching could also be watched live on different Vuuzle TV media platforms.

Guests of the high-profile media event were impressed by the potential of the new Vuuzle Studios. They saw with their own eyes everything you need to create a top media product. Also, the workflow at Vuuzle Studios involves shooting at multiple locations simultaneously. And it’s not also just about shows, but, above all, about feature films and TV series. 

Vuuzle Studios and Marvel Heroes

Photos // Vuuzle Studios in Dubai (UAE)

The new Vuuzle Studios is an innovative production with an excellent original design. Here you can also plunge into the universe of Marvel and its heroes! 

Without exaggeration, across the walls of Vuuzle Studios, you can see the Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and Thor… Waho knows? Maybe you can complete the list of Marvel characters that can be found here!

Vuuzle Studios is an entertainment movie empire

Vuuzle Studios is equipped with the latest technology and uses the world’s most advanced film technology to produce live television programs.

 “We have the latest in our studios. Whether it’s a green screen, CGI technology, or special professional cameras. Vuuzle TV has everything…”, says the top producer of DK.

Vuuzle Studios includes various zones, locations, a recording studio, a Digital Effects department, Green Screens and a Backlot. 

Green Screen 

Green Screen can be used to apply special effects and scenery when shooting and editing videos.

High-quality green background allows you to use the technology of chromakey. At Vuuzle Studios, you can also easily edit video by replacing the green background with a static or dynamic image.

Photo // Vuuzle Studios in Dubai (UAE)


Backlot is an area where there are scenery for outdoor scenes in movies or television productions.

Vuuzle Studios has a wide range of scenery that can be modified for different purposes. In particular, you can recreate any time, season and even country.

Photo // Vuuzle Studios in Dubai (UAE)

Visual effects (VFX)

Vuuzle Studios has the ability to use visual effects (abbreviated VFX) – a process by which the image is created outside the context of live action shot in film production.

VFX involves the integration of real-time frames (special effects) and the creation of images that look extremely realistic. 

And it is also worth noting that this process of making content is not as time-consuming and expensive as, for example, when shooting on film.

Photo // Vuuzle Studios in Dubai (UAE)

CGI special effects

The production of TV and film products at Vuuzle Studios can take place in real time. Vuuzle Studios uses state-of-the-art technology such as CGI.

CGI (computer-generated imagery) – special effects in cinema, television and simulators, created using three-dimensional computer graphics. Computer games typically use real-time computer graphics, but periodically add in-game videos that use CGI.

So we offer you to immerse yourself in the world of cinema and television of the future for at least a few minutes – watch an impressive video about the innovative Vuuzle Studios in Dubai (UAE)

Vuuzle Media Corp has big plans for the future! Follow us – it will be even more grandiose…

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