Vuuzle TV founder Announces Say goodbye to Hollywood and say hello to the 21ST Century New Hollywood OTT Streaming for film and Television

Vuuzle TV founder An

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Flynn said, “Vuuzle TV has already started building unique TV shows and films. For 2021, we have green lighted a 52 episodic drama thriller called the portal and will continue a new show called Genoid in March. We also have green lighted and read scheduled for shooting hundreds of new TV shows. Creating content is key and streaming companies who don’t have their own facilities will eventually close. 

To understand what the future of a content production model looks like, or the new Hollywood world of streaming movies and television world looks like, just look at Disney’s The Mandalorian, which costs about $15 million per episode, or about $120 million per eight-episode season to make. 

The Mandalorian is not produced using a traditional film workflow, where principal photography on set and on location is done separately. Instead, the entire production occurs in a highly controlled studio environment, where the physical sets are blended with backdrop scenery, in real-time, projected onto massive LED display units. 

Vuuzle is able to do the same thing in our own studios using CGI and green screens. Vuuzle TV studios can virtually put you anyplace you want to be in this world or outside the world. We can shoot everything and use our backlot in hundreds of ways. Vuuzle virtual green screen and soundstages, can also be used using animated CGI components also with the camera capturing the actors every move turning fiction into reality. Vuuzle physical sets can be entirely 3D computer-generated as our equipment is second to none. When on-location shots, extreme-detail is needed. Vuuzle uses computerized camera equipment by a small “B-Roll” crew and brings it all together on the backlot using Vuuzle TV innovation and guaranteed distribution as we own the platform.

There are many advantages to filming in this fashion. For starters, everything is rendered in real-time. The results are instantly reviewable, so expensive reshoots are largely a thing of the past. Because effects on the display units are created on the fly, a significant amount of time-intensive post-production is minimized. Additionally, because the environment is highly controlled, it allows for the continuous simulation of environmental conditions that would not be possible on-location, such as 16 hours of broad daylight or stable weather. 

There are significant cost-savings and profit-driven advantages to doing things this way. For starters, this allows television and film to be produced in a much more time-efficient and cost-efficient manner. It also lends itself to producing more content in episodic formats, with shows like the PORTAL on Vuuzle TV. 

When Vuuzle TV releases our new content directly to our streaming platform, movie posters and broadcast TV commercials are not required because trailers and such can be posted directly to our social media sites. 

With Vuuzle TV award winning streaming platform, there are no negotiations or added costs for distribution rights, and no middlemen. And, indeed, Vuuzle may also decide to use less expensive talent, as those budgets can easily reach 75% of an overall studio’s costs on certain films. 

I wonder how many theaters will be able to turn the lights on at all six months from now. Well Vuuzle TV will certainly still be scaling on ROKU. Vuuzle TV won the award by Verizon Media for innovation for innovations in OTT streaming.”

The company’s CTO Prophecy onasis said, “Our new Music application called VUMU will be released and is going to be a gamechanger for our corporation as we will have Movies, TV shows, live entertainment, news, Music, and radio 100 percent for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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