Vuuzle TV’s new approach in the age of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies proliferate, these tend to transform into an imperative for businesses that aspires to maintain a competitive edge in the field. People still relate artificial intelligence with science fiction dystopias. However, the conventional thinking subsides as artificial intelligence emerge and occupy people’s daily lives.

In business, artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses. Rather than performing as a replacement for human intelligence and ingenuity, artificial intelligence can be generally seen as a supporting tool. From the mundane to the breathtaking, artificial intelligence is disrupting virtually every business process in every industry.

Innovation, made possible through the Internet, has brought AI closer to daily lives. Moreover, industry investments in AI are also rapidly increasing.

Vuuzle TV and Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this year, Vuuzle Media Corp received a brand blazer award from Verizon Media for streaming innovation. To continue the legacy, VMC has also vowed in focusing on the AI platform’s knowledge representation, reasoning, and learning to enhance the experience of its viewers. VMC aims to eye on a number of important sub-areas, which include, image identification, natural language processing, expert systems, neural networks, planning, semiotic AI, and intelligent agents.

Vuuzle.TV also focuses to personalize content for the viewer. This can also be achieved through recommendations from basic algorithms which are editorially driven or by metadata. Along with AI, machine learning technologies mainly push to understand consumer behavior, which is extremely difficult.

Vuuzle TV’s Partnership

Vuuzle Media Corp decided to integrate IRIS.TV into its Vuuzle platform. The video intelligence patform, IRIS.TV, links Vuuzle TV to the company’s Contextual Video Marketplace. Through this integration, Vuuzle TV’s premium channels became contextually segmented. A growing list of leading data providers such as Oracle Data CloudComscore, and Spectrum Media Services made this possible. Currently, marketers are able to contextually target relevant, brand-safe, and suitable video inventory across devices when streaming Vuuzle TV.

Vuuzle TV, Innovations, and Free TV

As TV merges with the internet, people started to adopt a new perspective. Vuuzle TV viewers will want their primary screen to be a huge search bar. This search bar caters to wide choices of content from different providers. Vuuzle.TV offers solutions to consumers’ needs through free service that also provides music.

“In the world of streaming, the paid-subscriber model is outdated, rusty, and not the way streaming companies should move forward in OTT. Vuuzle TV is.” – Ronnie Flynn

TV slowly undergoes the most radical transformation imaginable. Wires are going to blur.

Consumers are left with the questions such as: What is stored locally in the cloud? Also, do we need a set-top box anymore?

Vuuzle TV itself is the solution. The platform is everywhere and also easily accessible. Businesses should focus on a robust video strategy that effectively reaches the right audience groups. Advertisers need to prioritize premium, brand-safe content environments. They should also incorporate unified targeting approaches that eliminate overexposure. This takes full advantage of the latest capabilities within the digital video and advanced TV ecosystem.

To cater consumers’ needs, Vuuzle Media Corp adopted an innovative approach to digital video. Viewers can and do watch from anywhere across devices where streaming platforms are accessible. As a result, entertainment sectors that go beyond Linear TV will be critical to its future success.

As video consumption continues to evolve, Vuuzle TV’s new distribution partners ad solutions steps into the scene. Effective advanced TV opportunities on Vuuzle.TV can also be effectively tailored for current and upcoming creative and media strategies globally.

Vuuzle TV’s ever-expanding massive library contains a wide range of films and new TV shows recently shot in the UAE.  Vuuzle TV has more than 40 genre categories from comedy, drama, family and children’s programming, classics, horror and niche content such as film box originals and specials and new content every month.