Water Tower Research Publishes Updated Initiation of Coverage Report on Capstone Green Energy (CGRN) Titled “Transforming and Expanding the Business to Leverage the Fast-Growing Microgrid Megatrend”

CHICAGO, IL., May 17th, 2021  – Water Tower Research has published an updated Initiation of Coverage Report on Capstone Green Energy (NASDAQ: CGRN). The report focuses on the company’s transformation and expansion strategy to capture more opportunities in the fast-growing microgrid industry.

“Capstone has advanced its position in the fast-growing microgrid or distributed energy resources (DER) industry through its transformation into a comprehensive energy solutions provider renamed Capstone Green Energy,” said Shawn Severson, Head of ClimateTech and Sustainable Investing at Water Tower Research. “Their proprietary microturbine energy technology solution remains the cornerstone, but now the company has expanded the toolbox to leverage the fast-growing microgrid industry with alternative energy conversion products, energy storage products, and advanced hydrogen products to provide customers a total green energy solution.”

Mr. Severson continued, “It is likely that broader industry trends, driven by regulation as well as corporate responsibility, will continue to favor technologies and services that will help companies reduce their carbon footprint. The global microgrid market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19% over the period of 2020-2025 driven by increased deployment of renewable energy sources in microgrids creating a solid backdrop of growth. Capstone’s business has pivoted over the last 12 months to increasingly focus on developing an energy as a service business (EaaS) around its core energy technology platform, culminating in the company’s formal transition to Capstone Green Energy.”

The full report can be downloaded HERE.

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