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Weight loss is a decision and long-term commitment you must prepare for. A person’s reason for deciding to lose weight varies with another person. The most common one is getting out of the obese life. Before jumping into the trend of weight loss, here are three secrets only a handful of people know!

1. Your body would not turn out to what you have expected and visioned

When you start your weight loss journey, you can be so excited to see how your body changes over time. You begin envisioning how you would exactly look at a targeted, and healthy weight. You’ll spend most of your day fantasizing about what your “new” body would turn out to be.

However, along the way, especially if you have been overweight since childhood, you’ll notice your skin starting to sag. Every pound lost seems to make more excess skin show up. Your fantasized results will turn into “This is what my body ACTUALLY looks like.”

You can find some helpful tips to deal with sagging skin here.

You’ll feel a far cry from what your imagined body would be, back when you started your weight loss journey. Just hold on, you’ll be in a better space soon. What you have to do now is to work harder to change your perspective and avoid negative self-talk.

Once you start changing perspectives, you’ll realize that the wrinkles where your skin hangs just reflect how you fought your way back to a bright, healthy future. You’ll be proud that you never traded excess skin for obesity.

2. You’ll start to unconsciously judge people’s body and their food choices

Along your weight loss journey, you’ll find yourself judging people for their bodies and food choices. You’ll feel more concerned about them and you’ll wish you could tell them how much better you have felt when you started being health conscious. Sometimes, when you see happy people and their “cheat meals”, you might worry about falling off track, so you judge. In this stage, you should learn how to hold back and understand your relationship with food. Slowly, you’ll let go of the anxiety and will strongly stay on track.

3. You’ll be more ambitious in life

Weight loss journey gives you a huge switch in life perspectives from what you previously had. This is mostly true in terms of thinking about how much you have settled in life when you were still overweight. Sometimes, you allow things to happen to you instead of reaching for greater things and strive to be better.

You tend to slack off in your sofa or bed, munching unhealthy chips while making all opportunities slip out of your hands. Maybe, you also settled on wearing oversized clothing instead of wearing what you really want.

After you start your weight loss story, you increase your confidence. You suddenly become brave in achieving goals and have to do anything you set your mind to. You also became more determined in reaching things you never expected to start off. You’ll slowly realize that you are becoming happier and more positive in most aspects of life now.

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Written by Francesca Jade S. Hernandez | Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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