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Music plays an important role in our lives because it is strongly associated with the emotions we feel. Agreeably, in a certain period of time, we listen to music that we choose according to the mood. Different life situations affect our emotions: when they are positive – music enhances the effect of happiness, and when sad – it becomes a medicine for the soul.

Of course, each of us has own personal taste, but to not love any music at all, you need to be from another planet. Today, there are large numbers of different genres, styles, musical instruments and, of course, musicians who create songs.

Even well-known film critics note that the right music is almost 50 percent of the success of the film, because with its help we can better feel the emotion that actors and directors are trying to show us in this scene. This happens not only in the movies, but also in real life.

Realizing such an important function, the international company Vuuzle Media Corp has created a music application  Vumu Music , where you can play thousands of popular songs from around the world for FREE.

The Vumu Music project is a huge, easy-to-use music library. Vumu’s design includes “playlists” where you can listen to a song, go to an artist’s album or find similar singles. And also in this music application you can listen to the radio, because Vumu Music has the best radio stations in the world.

Vumu Music radio stations and playlists are constantly updated with trendy songs. Recently, 2 stations appeared in the application: contemporary / smooth jazz station and 80’s rock station .


VUMU Music users can play their favorite hits in as many as 40 categories : hip-hop, classic, pop, rock, country, electronic music…

“Light music” is the most popular style of modern music, which is distinguished not by complex harmony and rhythm, but more often by verse form and “easy” to perceive text – it is pop music. The appearance of this style dates back to the 50s of the twentieth century. Pop music is also called commercial or music for the masses.

Blues  is believed to have  originated in the twentieth century in Latin America and Africa. It is characterized by improvisation and twelve-stroke structure with a special harmonic basis. The songs they performed during their work became the basis of an extremely popular style of music – jazz.

Thanks to DJ Kul Gerk in the 70’s in Jamaica, a new direction in music –  rap . Its features are recitative, rhythmic, full of meaning and emotion. Every year the popularity of rap grows, and it finds new forms of self-affirmation.

R&B style is  divided into classic and modern. The basis of the classic is the blues. This style is characterized by complex rhythm, energy, bold lyrics on topics forbidden at the time, as well as vibrato, which is used only on long notes. Over time, this style was transformed into a more commercial –  Contemporary R&B . It combines various elements of pop, disco and hip-hop. It was based on dancing and entertainment.

In the 60’s, in contrast to R&B, a new style appeared –  funk . It is characterized by pulsating syncopated bass and short vocal phrases that are repeated as exclamations.

Reggae style comes from Jamaica. Gained popularity in the 70’s. The king of style is Bob Marley. Reggae is characterized by a moderate and relaxed pace. It is possible to perform at a more mobile pace: size – 4/4 with an emphasis on the accompaniment of the second and fourth part.

Nip-hop originated in the 70’s in New York, formed from funk. It is characterized by an accented rhythm with elements of recitative on top of the rhythmic line of percussion and bass.

It is worth noting that with the development of technology, the culture of listening to music is changing, on which the entire music industry directly depends. Today, the music business thrives not by selling songs on physical media and in digital format, but through streaming platforms such as  Vumu Music .

In many respects, it was streaming that determined the phenomenal growth of revenues from music recorded in the United States – by 18% in the first half of 2019. More than a million new users subscribe to streaming services every month.

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