What’s a boss’ worth? A peek of Ronnie Flynn as an epitome of legacy from humble beginnings.

What’s a boss’ w

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We all have our boss horror stories. The bad communicator, the credit grabber, and a mix of everything gross.

Of course, if we’re lucky, we’ve all had those amazing bosses as well—the leader who encourages all employees to take their work up to the next level; the boss who makes everyone around them look better, the leader who shares his success with everyone.

And in Vuuzle Media Corp, we got one, and he’s Ronnie Flynn!

So who’s the real Ronnie Flynn? Here are some amazing facts about him!

“My mantra is to make the world my office, the people my business, and God my boss.” – Ronnie Flynn

1. Passionate with his hobbies


DJ Ronnie Flynn

Ronnie finds a special connection between art and music. Flynn became a DJ across the globe, especially in Indonesia and some parts of Asia.

Because of his love for music, he used this passion as a principle in building a successful company. In a recent interview, Ronnie Flynn declassified the formula for his success – and it turns out to be music and laughter.

Ronnie Flynn practicing his DJ Skills

Ronnie thinks of himself as an orchestra leader in building Vuuzle TV, signaling many different instruments to make every different sound harmonize, all at the same time.

Ronnie also learned how to dance in the tune of life, and how you should understand the lyrics it is trying to tell along the way. A complete balance in everything creates wonderful melodies and harmony.


Ronnie is a comical fun-loving and heart-felt man with super positive energy.

Ronnie values enjoying his life and says he doesn’t do anything without music and happiness. His love for entertainment pushed him to become a credible actor and comedian.

TV Host Ronnie Flynn on set
Hot Topics with Ronnie on Vuuzle TV


Ronnie Flynn at the grand launch of Vuuzle Studios, Dubai

Ronnie Flynn has raised capital of over hundreds of millions dollars for many different projects in entertainment and business, worldwide.He has also become one of the most sought-after personalities in the world, both in business, corporate advisor, and consultant.

Founder Ronnie Flynn inside his newly built Vuuzle Studios

As of the writing, Ronnie has been involved in a plethora of multi-million dollar transactions. He has also assisted emerging companies as he raises millions of capital for corporations to become giants in their fields.

Building a powerful network such as what Ronnie has achieved over three decades doesn’t come by accident. Ronnie believes that in order to make it you must have good relationships built on trust. He is now a respected fundraiser that spent many years across different markets from South East Asia to Dubai.


Being the founder to Ronnie means he must help people with their plans, and how they plan to achieve them. This is while working hard and intelligently, enjoying the process every day.

Everything starts in your mind and heart. All the great achievements of humanity began as ideas in the imagination of some brave man who had the courage to make them come true.

As of the writing, Ronnie Flynn has established Vuuzle Media Corp which branched out to different ventures: Vuuzle TVVumu MusicDubai shopping Channel, and Clout 9. He also remains as the founder of Imagically, and Bonk Marketing Trades and Promotions.

Ronnie also has paved a way for Vuuzle TV’s success as it won a brand blazer award from Verizon Media.


Ronnie was naturally born a leader inspiring others with his charm and charismatic personality. He has a win-win personality in leading and training others by example and setting goals.

Ronnie now acts as the captain that leads a group of wonderful workforce in the PhilippinesDubai UAELas VegasUkraine, and Indonesia.

Boss Ronnie Flynn’s virtual birthday celebration with all VMC employees across the globe

Ronnie says one big factor in finding the right people for the company is building genuine loyalty between both parties and he takes this very seriously.

He insists trust in an employer-employee relationship must be earned one deal at a time and reminds that you can’t take someone just by their words. He prides himself on being an unshakable character that sticks to his word every time.


Ronnie continues to give back to causes that impact the future generation, as well as animal-based causes. He says he wants to use the power of his gifts from television and entertainment to contribute to lasting effects.

Ronnie believes God guided him along his journey of success, and it is his responsibility to pass on the faith.

JaGaM founder Ronnie Flynn carrying one of the foundation’s beneficiaries

One of the charity works Ronnie has poured his self in is the JaGaM Foundation.

Ronnie’s faith in education raised the idea of JaGaM. He believes that there is a domino effect brought by lack of education among members of the family, which eventually leads to more problematic cases.

Ronnie stressed that by eradicating illiteracy and empowering education among children, we can end the vicious cycle of poverty.

A screen capture from JaGaM Foundation’s website


For a man who has financed major Hollywood productions such as Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th (directed by John Blanchard and starring talents such as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tom Arnold, Coolio, and Shirley) the legacy remains humble.

Ronnie says this humble attitude comes from his earnest beginnings growing up on a rough part of Los Angeles, California. He always shares his in-depth perspective of what areas of life he’s been able to optimize to achieve success. For a man who grew up in poverty as a young man, he presents a powerful case of what it means to rise from challenges and not allow any personal circumstances stop a visionary’s success.

“My legacy is about faith. Life is not about believing in what people say is impossible. Legacy happens when you overcome those obstacles and make things happen. I want to be known as a winner who cared enough to care, and worked enough to show that the impossible is possible. When all is said and done, I want the world to say, that man [Ronnie] revolutionized how film and TV are produced. He [Ronnie] brought back quality TV and entertainment while making sure he gave back to society helping children and saving animals. “

Written by Jade Hernandez | Vuuzle Media Corp Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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