The XV Minority CEO Leadership Summit 2016 on October 13-15

Bringing together the national top business leaders, policymakers, and experts.

Washington, D.C. June 28, 2016. The Minority Chamber of Commerce has announced The XV Minority CEO Leadership Summit2016 which will be held on October 13-15, 2016 at the Seminole Hotel Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, Florida. This is the 15thannual gathering of Minority CEO’s in business and professionals, along with select government leaders, high tech industry, education, sports.  The Summit is known for its program, that inspires and delivers practical advice to enhance small business opportunities. Participation is by invitation only.

This year the theme of the Summit will be Investing in the Future of New Generations of Minority Entrepreneurs. Focusing on the next generation is at the core of government & corporate responsibility. This Summit provides an opportunity to discuss ways of stimulating growth, unlocking opportunities, and creating an enabling environment for the next generation of Minority CEO’s in America.

The XV Minority CEO Leadership Summit 2016, will bring together top leaders from the private sector and the U.S Government, invited moderators, speakers in the two-day Summit to point the way to the qualities that are defining the Future Minority Businesses and Community Development: to experience great culture with impeccable entrepreneurship, innovations and environmental standards, the next great communities that will emerge as tomorrow’s economic powers though new leadership and commitments.

Doug Mayorga, President and CEO of the  Leadership Team for the Minority Chamber of Commerce and Chief Strategist, said:“There is great opportunity for what lies ahead as Minority Leadership will play an increasingly central role in national and international affairs. There has never been a better time to evolve our hubs of commerce, communications and cultures into vibrant engines of resiliency to stop the fall of the national economy.”

In this context, The XV Minority CEO Leadership Summit’s agenda will not only discover and share the best practices that are now shaping more opportunities and developments, but also showcase the role that Minority CEO leaders must play to put the economies of their communities and cities back on track, and point the way to bring innovation and services to compete in these turbulent times.

That’s why the Summit will also host an Awards Ceremony to recognize national icons working towards achieving these goals through their core businesses and public services — and invite businesses to become the catalyst for the creation of the United States next economic globalization.

For more information on Minority CEO Leadership Summit 2016 , please contact: MARIA LOAISIGA Senior Event Coordinator Direct: (202)250-0260/ (786)406.2190 [email protected]

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